12/10/23: updated halo lore page finally... LOL added some chara images n made a scroll box for buttons so happy to have sm mutuals mwah

5/10/23: new button!! i also linked my mutuals :33 if i missed you lmk!

3/5/22: changed halo page + oc page a bit! added info on some characters.. finally... also fixed not found page

26/4/22: updated to-do list, added about page + contact page >:3c

23/4/22: h...happy new year... wow i havent touched my site in over a year feelz bad... but anyways! byebye landing page hello new index!!

15/2/21: url/username switch


17/1/21:hello new year :3 added a new oc page!

25/12/20:merry christmas! i couldnt sleep after reading so i worked on the visual novel page heh its ugly tho... as much as i like my pages looking decent i hate working with css x_x

24/12/20: merry christmas eve :3 added light haired anime boys and their dark hair boyfriends page.. will work on vn page and other stuff soon

23/12/20: i always make like small changes to the site lol bt i guess home page was changed, bb cream's page is now pretty much done idk what else to add to it :p css looks ok too haha, halo's making progress :3 working on art + coding wiki pgs for the charas x_x bt im happy w the css for the main page! just need the content as per usual also changed the external links page a bit :0

04/12/20: hello long time no see! oc main page layout changed :D still need to adjust the actual ocverse pages, new artwork slowly being added hawhaw, index page changed as well

07/04/20: oc page now linked on home! it Actually has some content on it holy fk LOL but it's still incomplete. changed index page to smthn that matches the rest of my site a lil more lol

06/04/20: my art page + flower galaxy layout changes, links back up ^-^

05/04/20: added bgs to abt and changed the layout for blog *peace sign emoji*

04/04/20: Fk it re-doing the site again, changed index page, removed sidenav and created with a home page with a sitemap instead. changed sites, contact and about pages

03/04/20: Remade my button!

09/08/19: Redid my site lol no more edgy dark manga theme anymore... made a button, added my mutuals' buttons, added this update box, changed my about page so that all the info is there instead of leadin to a new page hehe

26/05/19: FG ch 3!

23/05/19: FG ch 2!

15/05/19: Flower Galaxy ch 1 is up!

07/05/19: Site Created :D

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