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General Info

Welcome to my little shrine for Kaida Haru (甲斐田晴), a Vtuber who's a part of Njisanji! Now you may be thinking, what is a vtuber? What is Nijisanji? To put it simply, a Vtuber is a Virtual (You)Tuber. This is the title that's popular amongst international fans, but in Japanese they're more commonly referred to as Virtual Livers (alive's live + r, not the body part!), or just Livers for short (because they do live streams I guess). Nijisanji is a group that consists of these Virtual Livers. It's really cute how the livers in the same group will become friends with each other and collab often! Kaida is a part of a few units within Nijisanji such as VΔLZ with Nagao Kei and Genzuki Tojiro. He's in a few others but I haven't seen to much content of it yet.

More about Kaida!

Kaida's persona is a researcher from Ouma who studies Demons and is often immersed in research. He is most often seen playing games such as apex legends or minecraft. Haru can also sing and play guitar and is often seen playing and singing during streams!! He is an introvert and otaku, and knows quite a few old and new animanga which I think is super cool! We're a little similar in that aspect hehe. He's quite playful and childish but also has a motherly side, dubbed as Mama by friends and fans alike. He also gets bullied a lot by other members because his reactions are really cute I think and he's just easy to bully in an affectionate way~ His fans are called Hare Otoko/Hare Onna (晴れ男、晴れ女) and his chatrooms usually open with はろはる~ which i think is suuupppeeerrrr cute!! His Youtube channel currently has 155K subscribers (as of January 29, 2021). Debut date: April 4, 2020. Birthday: October 25

Why I like him!

First off, his design is super cute!! I love his outfits and character design, very ikemen and very cute at the same time hehe He's super cute and funny during his streams and has great reactions! He can be cool but most of the time he's screaming, whining, or getting bullied (which results in more whining and crying) but it's like such an endearing sort of way? He also makes funny jokes during his streams and is just overall really enjoyable to watch! When he's calmer then he's still really fun to listen to, it just sort of feels like a nice soothing podcast idk LOL like watching him just build (non chaotic) on minecraft is calming... but he can also be fun and prank his friends (who then retaliate x1000 LOL). But even when he gets bullied he's still really polite and kind which is so :') He's also very talented with singing and playing guitar so I also like listening to his covers !! Also some of his mannerisms remind me of myself when gaming? like when he pretend hyperventilates i just think its funny

Favourite Streaming Clips

Open Voice chat incident (5:47) LINK

Mesherz visit Kaida (6:12) LINK

Screaming, crying, whining compilation (1:34) LINK

Chaotic Good compilation (5:15) LINK

開けた~開かない!1:30-1:42 (10:44) LINK

Kaida Sekiro Screams (14:05)

Lets hold hands(2:08)

There are so many other fun streams and clips!! I didn't want to put too many because they're also long but please check him out~ Some other notable ones were Kaida giving Akina a tour of the new server (5 parts), Kaida's Emas, VΔLZ exploring the minecraft server, and Kaida playing pien and nightshift/convenience store!! there are a bunch of other short clips out there as well~ Maybe I'll make a playlist~

Music clips!

Ghost City Tokyo (幽霊東京)


Ukiyo no Enbu (浮世の演舞) They use the wrong kanji for bu on the vtubers wiki lmao


Fire Flower

Pretender (mostly genzuki and kei singing with haru on guitar and some dudududus hehe)

Nia(?) (ニア) this song is so pretty sigh

he sings a lot and like i mentioned before has entire streams for singing!! would check them out and see if he covered your fave song hehe