i guess i like reading visual novels haha i recently got back into them and i Always forget what happens esp when time passes. so i thought i'd start writing my thoughts on them! idk how good of reviews they'll be, and it DEF wont be spoiler free but i just hope theyre fun to read :D i think these are like. half reviews and half playthroughs? bc i will be talking abt which options go where and summarizing the plot with a lot of detail bc i'm writing these as i finish the game as to not forget things! so yes! SPOILERS AHEAD!! but i will also be leaving my after thoughts and conclusion at the end so if you dont want to get spoiled you could probably just read that as well as the beginning paragraphs hehe i was really into otomes when i was younger too... maybe i'll add those later aha :p another note but most of these games are 18+ NSFW!!! therefore the reviews will be talking about the content in the games that is... 18+.. minors close ur eyes! also if ur my friend this is so embarrassing like ik im the horny friend but this is too much the horny games... aha also if u look at the titles on the side... mostly gay porn thats just how it is lawl

just another disclaimer but. theres gonna be grammatical errors, prolly spelling errors.. emojis, slang and a lot of shortening of things, lack of capitalization and apostrophes as you can see. oh and cursing. i'll try and limit spelling ones but i'm typing these as i go. basically just writing how i speak.. putting all my thoughts out there LOL so this is in no way going to be good writing. theres a lot so i dont want to proofread or edit sorry and oh god i cant imagine having someone Else edit these for me lolol. def not professional or sponsored or anything like that, this is just for fun :3 idk if it's really gonna be funny or anything but i hope it is.. at least a little. honestly i do wish i were better at writing but also. eh.

random story i just remembered but when I first sorta got into VNs/otomes around 8th gradeish? i had an ipad and got a bunch of games on the app store and some of them were in full on japanese LMFAO i could only read hiragana at the time (and honestly i still cant really read katakana LOL) but idk man i was fkn crazy... going through those games barely understanding sht i dont think i finished any of them bc they were in japanese i got bored n was like. aight im out of here... but honestly i think if i was really diligent i could have learned a ton of vocab and how to read at a younger age where my brain would soak that sht up.. and today i could have been reading lengthy vns in japanese and not having to wait on an eng patch/release. but oh well, LOL v thankful to translators out there u are godsends!


GAME STATUS: In Progress/On Hold

REVIEW STATUS: it's gonna stay like this until i play again

I started this game in 2019 according to my save states aha and i still havent finished... i think i just lost the drive to read it partway through :( i finished razel's route where u become his demon sex slave lol and i'm working on asato which i think ? i'm kinda close to finishing but this game is LONG like idk. it feels so long... and it's been like a year so i dont remember sht but i also dont want to go back and re-read at this moment so this might be rough sigh.
the art is pretty nice, nitro+chiral standard i think lawl tho it does look a little off sometimes from what i've noticed.. like when asato's sprite is kinda sideways idk it looks a little weird o_o but overall the vibes and aesthetics are nice, story is well written and super descriptive heh i like the effort they put into how the game looks overall :o also catboys smirkkk i think my main issue and most others is the LENGTH LMFAOO vndb lists it at 30-50 hrs ahh i'm not sure whether it's the way it's written or the Actual length itself (it's prolly this considering Lamento has a decent amt of choices and endings) or even if i'm just not as into the plot anymore ? but i do want to finish lol

Sweet Pool

PLAY TIME: ~8 hours

REVIEW STATUS: Workin on it

CW: gore (?)/blood, sexual content, rape... theres so much,.., violence, death, cannibalism,

i actually started playing this during reading week where i was majorly depressed LMFAO so i didnt write the review/summary until a month later... also i've been pretty busy with school and i just havent really touched my site other than when i was emo anyways. I'm playing in the recommended order w/ a guide bc the instinct/reason choices are really cool and obvs its hard to figure out the exact sequence you need to get the endings i was struggling so much to get tetsuo's second ending i think i got annoyed and thats why i stopped playing LMFAO so first sort of impressions, zenya is ugly LMFAO also hes a weirdo so theres that. i like youji as a main chara idk... cool guy. i liked makoto too!! the only guy who likes youji for who he is and hangs out with him and during his route it was so sad dam... evn tho youji didnt like tetsuo at first i liked him anyways... i think this one didnt really have. Happy endings similar to no thank you!! there isnt really good/bad ends either its just an end per character route (other than tetsuo who has three) so this game isnt That long really. but i think i can def see the appeal to that like theres no need to drag out the story if it works as is u know. i can see why sweet pool ranks as one of the most popular nitro+chiral novels! the plot is interesting, with each route exposing more and more about the characters, lore, and the world they live in and wtf is happening!! but its not too long to get through either! I got through a ton of routes in less than 12 hrs i think it doesnt feel long (cough lamento) and the plot isnt confusing well sometimes it is but overall not really. the art is p good, idk not my fave.. i like dmmd more but its still good. ui is pretty good, they have scene replay, cg library and media library. the fast skip saved my life ngl. ok onto the routes! couple things abt this game that kinda threw me off was.. theyre all in high school.. and there was SO MUCH RAPE...

btch i literally dont care abt this dude his end was essentially him kidnapping youji and keeping him as his sex slave and constantly raping him lmfao


youjis friend gets jealous of him hanging out w tetsuo, attacks and rapes u i think, then kills u and eats u lawl


Diving Deep: mafia dude kills both youji and tetsuo in youjis house after the climax
Red Road: youji and tetsuo escape mafia dude just long enough to make love for the last time i t was pretty nice.. and they have a love child and are in some sorta cocoon after merging bodies literally
Miracles May (Violin Ver.): this one was rlly sad.. youji wants to save tetsuos life like his father did for him so he sacrificed his own body so that tetsuo could live a normal life and become a working man. we see youjis last moments after he had been living with tetsuo for the past two years in their apartment. :(
Miracles May (Grand Finale): tetsuo loses all his memories and wakes up after being in a coma. he finishes high school, 5 yrs pass and he's just living his life going to STEM college or whateva. and one day he decides to get off the train at youjis old stop. he gets a rush of memories and feelings about youji but it was all so vague and he feels heartache but gets on the train again.. god idk it hurt me too.... the final cg was youji standing on the other side of the train platform in his hs uniform... its unclear if he's still really alive or if this is some sort of seperate timeline/reincarnated version of him or what tho.. guess its up to the reader to decide.


GAME STATUS: Completed

REVIEW STATUS: it's gonna stay like this until i play again

Unfortunately, I played dmmd when i was like... 12/13? before the anime came out thats for sure... FNASLDMS illegal... lol right when the game came out and an english patch was available i got it as soon as i remembered it!! bc i saw the trailers on youtube and ofc being a pre-teen was like omg cool!! a yaoi visual novel!! but anyways, because of that i can't really... remember the details of the actual game.. all i remember is the fandom LMAO and my old tumblr archive will. def show that... i remember the overall plots/endings but... it's all kinda vague i plan on revisiting it once i complete my current games tho and this review will be. actually good and completed. :-)



REVIEW STATUS: in progress

noiz, ren, koujaku: completed
clear: in progress
mink, vitri: not yet
CW: Death, Sexual Content, Rape, Gore, Cannibalism.. sorta, Beastiality..., having sex with your dog in your twin brothers body, mink + vitri

this game is like an epilogue fandisk so its mostly porn with a little plot nflasldma so obvs. u need to play the original game to understand what's going on.
The game opens up and you're in this like pixel game which i thought was really cute!! you cant actually move with arrow keys or wasd but you can click around. theres several portals that will bring you to a different room, with two options the epilogue following that characters good or bad end the routes don't really have options except during the sex scenes and it basically just changes how you have sex HAHA i mean. fine with me, i'm so bad at making decisions when the actual ending is on the line x_x but if its like.. "blow him" vs "have him blow me".. it doesnt really matter. this game is short anyways, each route doesn't take too long to finish, i just hate how to actually. "complete" the routes you have to sit through the ending credits LOL otherwise you cant unlock the little character sprite from finishing the route :/ i guess it's kinda nice not having to go through a common route tho! this is a fandisk after all :p

GOOD END: aoba hangs out w noiz in the hospital as he heals up, sometimes they do it or kiss lawl um then after noiz gets discharged, they fight in rhyme, aoba wins and noiz disappears mans comes to get aoba after leaving for a while they basically talk it out with granny abt how they love each other and need each other so they wanna move to germany together, aoba is a little unsure bc he only know midorijima but hes for sure he loves noiz so its like aw and grannys cool with it its a really heart warming scene i think... sighs dreamily then aoba goes to noiz's hotel room heh... meet me at the hotel room smirk noiz also takes a shower n is nakey n u get a lil freaky later aobas like... man he's prolly met so many ppl he doesnt need me anymore hes successful and what am i doing *emo* i dont want to crush his dreams and ruin his future bc *I'M* not good enough for him... noiz sees that something is wrong and you can choose to talk it out or forget abt it.

if you choose to talk abt it noiz is like... u keep talking bs wtf i told you that we're together and then he blindfolds and ties aobas hands aha theres a little foot licking. which well to each their own and then the Iconic noiz making aoba think he pissed himself um aoba ends up telling his honest thoughts n noiz is like finally i got it out of u.. more feelings talk and then the blindfold is taken off n more seggs.

if you choose to forget abt it, you do it against the window smirk. aobas like nah nothings wrong im glad we're together and that's all that matters in this moment right now so window sexy times n its like wowwee goin crazy after the intense nut noiz is like u thirsty? n aobas all -_- what were u thinking baka but noiz is like well. u seemed to enjoy it a lot aha and so did i

afterwards theyre just laying in bed enjoying each others presence and noiz is like what shld i do with the rest of my piercings btw n aobas all o///o um.. noiz *smirks* i thought the end dialogue was really cute too... just aoba sorta reflecting on his relationship w noiz and how he wants to move forwards hehe

overall nice route! the cg where he picks up aoba princess style is sooo cute i liked noiz originally so this was nice... also aobas inner monologues sigh... i feel u but also not rlly the piss was iconic, also doing it on the window is kinda.. aha... *unzips pants* FNLASMD this sounds so horny im embarrassed bt also when aoba's like i want to be there for noiz but i guess its ok if i lean on him too sometimes... sweet... i also liked how it had like a pretty realistic problem like aoba was just feeling insecure evn tho he was the one who was like you should learn abt the world noiz! and they um eventually talk it out and idk it was just nice :3 the ending song is also cute!

BAD END: it starts with noiz talking abt his childhood and how he had never felt pain before and he would get in trouble bc he didnt understand pain and how other people felt it the doctors couldnt find anything wrong and he gets locked up bc hes a weirdo to his parents and he was forced to grow up alone and he resented it bc it was like. if i felt pain, then i wouldnt have to be like this... he got into rhyme where he could sort of feel pain bc of the illusion of taking damage but he knew it was fake... till he met aoba and got destroyed by him in rhyme, allowing him to experience pain.. the pain of losing and being embarrassed. aoba was the one who allowed for it... in the present we're in noiz's mind, where aoba failed with scrap and whenever they touch each other cuts appear and they feel pain. aoba realizes this is the world that noiz wanted.. where he wasn't special and could feel pain just like everyone else and even when aoba was like this isnt real!! noiz had already reached his wit's ends... he was tired.. it didn't matter that it wasnt real to him but he was happy to be with aoba and finally feel pain... so they do it and it hurts and is hella bloody... theres tears its pretty sad but aoba was also like... if this is the world noiz wants then its ok... hugs him..

sad... also i think my memories of dmmd and dmmdrc are blended together bc i thought this ending cg was in the original game but maybe not? idk i really have to revisit


GOOD END: aoba thought clear would nvr come back.. but he then hears the jelly fish song and sees clear... just wanna say i LOVE the jellyfish song.. one of the most iconic songs in this game dare i say... flashback to right after platinum jail collapsed, aoba took clear and obsessively tried to fix him on his own but it was hella complex. one day grannys like leave it to a researcher, so he does an a whole year passes. back to the present, clear is here bc he heard aobas voice and just left the researchers place flaksdasd they thank granny and return to aobas room where clear talks abt his past n how he felt human even just for a bit... and yea the whole like mortality of humans + clear being a robot thing comes up. clear invites aoba to go to his old house and they do, by jumping on the rooftops fnlasdl. once theyre in clears room, they talk abt how he collects clear things, his name, his grandpa.. aoabs like i think you have a heart... u have feelings not like the other alpha.. more robot talk sorry just bone already -_- so they do LOL clear starts suckin aoba n u can choose whether to continue or to stop. if u continue then he sucks ya cock n u suck his n then u do it in front of the mirror lawl if you stop, then u 69 and then do the mirror fking. afterwards you.. talk
anyways bro i always think abt clear's robot dick like. how does it get hard... does it feel like metal.. like ik he has skin and stuff and he can cum but its mindboggling... did they explain it in the original game? idk. but i remember it being huge when ppl were comparing the dmmd dick sizes LOL yea idk. i just imagine its like cold and metal but shrug seems like aoba likes it

a sweet route for a sweet boy! sorta gets you thinking abt mortality a lot lol... and robot dicks idk clear is cute! not much else to say


GOOD END: koujaku cuts your hair and its a nice sweet moment... bt idk this route had like awkward elements bc they were both kinda tense and like embarrassed at the beginning bc of being best friends but now theyre like lovers lol again sucker for best friends to lovers trope sigh then afterwards koujaku keeps a lock of aobas hair n aobas like WTF bt koujakus like this is important to me ok... lemme keep it i always liked long hair bc.. i liked you so getting to cut it is important to me. aoba then says hes going to take a bath n koujaku can come in if he wants which was o///o and then aobas like in the bathroom just thinking and then koujaku comes in its still like. kinda awkward its crazy u can feel it. aoba offers to wash koujakus back and he's like ugh the pain... koujaku ur tattoos... *depressed* but also is like. i'll bear the pain evn if the evil inside is gone or something along those lines then koujakus like.. lemme clean ur body n soaps up aoba n fingers him n grabs his dick LOL then u can choose whether to get in the bath or not. if you choose to go in the bath you have. sex in the bath LOL if you choose not to then you continue standing up n havin sex flmasdla like against the wall either way koujaku cums inside n after he scoops it out. afterwards, you guys chill on the bed, talking and thinking abt the past and koujakus tats n sht

*eats glass shards* i love koujaku so much... best friends to lovers for life... not to mention hes smexy also that end CG MWAH the sound of water sloshing arnd will nvr leave my mind...super cute would die for it and to live a life like them post-dmmd ... sigh

BAD END: it starts w the infamous iiyo scene, then it talks abt koujakus past and how aoba tried to scrap him bt failed. after the fight in platinum jail aoba gets taken away and koujakus like dam no aoba!! but he passes out n cant do anything abt it. then when he wakes up again hes in a jail cell and meets the white aoba, who is a diff form of aoba or whateva and koujaku loses all his reason after realizing aoba will nvr come back n he becomes sort of a beast. then white aoba does the do with koujaku, almost getting his dick chomped off and his shoulder bt they nut and aoba inside white aobas like bruh.. this was not what koujaku wanted but white aobas like nahh im not wrong this Is what he wanted isnt that right?


GOOD END: you can choose whether to watch the "new story" or the "official works 'Dawning Sky'"

official works 'dawning sky' aoba finds out about ren being in the hospital n sht then then ren gets discharged bc hes a god at rehab LOL umm they return to their everyday life, work, rehab... we find out vitri put ren in the hospital after they found him and platinum jail collapsed or something so thats epic. one day aoba has the day off and he n ren are chillin in his bedroom doin a litle rehab, eating lunch just having a nice day there was a cute scene where aoba compares their height heh... they also reminisce.. talking abt their feelings then they get a lil horny but theyre both like... um but this is sei's body which is ur twin bro is this... ok?? and i honestly pondered that too im glad they addressed it in the game but essentially its sei's body but now it's ren's body so it should be fine aoba's like. maybe im just selfish but i wanna touch him :// now that sei has given me the gift of ren having a physical body we shld do it and so they do. aoba's like um can i be the top today n rens like ok but after like 4 lines they switch back bc rens just so horny. ren gives aoba a lil sucky suck n a lil finger action then they do it on the bed. the whole body thing is sort of mentioned again but not really and yea they end it by doing their foreheads together signature move bc it's their lil good luck charm after maintainence and rehab which is cute... n how they'll always be together forever heh.

i thought this one was cute!! there were no choices within it, which was fine rlly it was p short anyways. it was a nice route :3 pretty normal idk nothing super special abt it i do like their interactions w/ each other and the whole like... bro is this incest? was nfasldadl but hey they arent wrong but also... @_@ yea just a confusing situation for sure...

new story ren's getting used to his human body and aoba and him take a walk.. they're like wow u used to b a small dog but now you're taller than me xd then they run into clara and yoshie-san and its awks lawl bc theyre like bro what happened to ren? i nvr see him anymore and aobas like uhh haha. ren grabs him and runs into an alley and you suck him off or u rub dicks and then ren fucks aoba LOL kinda gross... doing it in a random alley but. yea. then they finish,ff aobas like "hehe lets continue at home ;)" and "lets take a refreshing bath together" they walk home holding hands super wholesome hehe

who doesnt love ren... ok ngl i nvr rlly liked his ren in sei's body design.. bc i didnt like sei's design HAHA i thought ren's rhyme form or whatever when he has the tats was the smexiest but we cant always win :/ that aside, maybe if the alley was cleaner i would have liked this route more HAHA idk bc sometimes all they show is the background and all i can see. is a nasty alley but i love ren so. its fine really still enjoyable haw haw also theres like. a lot of things On the wall like heaters, crates, bars n stuff it just seems uncomfortable... all the other aspects of the route were super cute like their interactions with each other sigh lovely

BAD END: this was p short but it was kinda depressing sigh... i was a little confused at the beginning because i decided to re-read re:connect before dmmd bc its a lot shorter so i was like uhhh idr what rlly happened originally oop but it was a lil more clear as i kept reading.. aoba failed to scrap ren and then it goes into rens thoughts basically abt wanting what happens in the good end, to have his own body, live alongside and love aoba but he couldnt bc he was just a part of aoba... was he evn ren? he couldnt live the way he wanted if he was just an allmate/a part of aoba.. not his own person and he was like. damn it hurts so bad having to see aoba fall in love with someone else... when i love him... so then ren's in berserk beast mode and jumps aoba, biting his shoulder off and clawing at him :(( then he also rapes aoba sigh and im p sure aoba dies at the end bc of blood loss also that sht seemed like it HURT like ahhh his shoulder was gone man ripped off :/ fked up

depressing... gorey... yep thats a dmmd bad end all right. i felt so bad for ren.. and ofc aoba as well sigh they didnt deserve that good thing the good end exists. i will say this tho... the song that played during the credits slapped so hard LOL


this one only had one ending iirc.. but it was long as fk omg i hated reading it bc they basically torment n torture aoba the entire route lmfao it goes into their backstory as well i think... um aobas like kept in a box/tied up/blindfolded for several months until his eventual mindbreak... theres some piss in this one for real i think umm and beastiality? i think the allmates were involved overall did not enjoy i am not a masochist... which also explains why i only remember the good routes aha... but yea idk this one felt a little too long and it was just long descriptions of aoba going through it... poor dude also omg... the cake...


play if ur horny and a fan of dmmd smirk ok but for real. idk art was like dmmd art i like it haha evn tho ofc sometimes its like slightly wonky but not enough to completely turn me away from the game you know? like the way they draw bodies sometimes... is.. off... the cute pixel rpg theme was really nice! super fun touch to the game haha. the writing was good :0 voice acting was good, no complaints really, minust the. credits thing lawl. and also... this was such a blast to the past idk like dmmd was like in my life in my early teens like. really early and now im in my 20s re-reading its a little surreal haha


GAME STATUS: In Progress ? - 99% i'm still missing about 30 cgs... not sure where to get them...
REVIEW STATUS: basically done!
CW: Death, Guns, Violence, Drugs, Sexual Content, Abuse, Dub-con ?, Rape, butter lube.

pre-play ramble:
this one is. a lot more pornographic than the other ones but the plot also seems interesting and i've heard good things abt it! honestly, when i first saw it i did not like the art but it's not that bad,,, you get used to it LOL the cgs look nicer than the sprites i think.. but yea it grows on you i think...(me after playing 3 routes speaking now. what i wrote here was before i got very far. i love the art its really well done. yea the sprites are a little off sometimes but like the cgs really make up for it!! bgs are also v nice. i think it was less the art and more the character design lol) also. hiroyuki's shirt is SO ICONIC LOL i love it.


ok so it starts with haru going somewhere but then you either save a dude from getting hit by a car or not. if you dont then the game ends soon after, if you do then the game starts. then haru loses his memories and the guy he saves offers him a job at his late night bar !! i LOVE HARUUU hes so funny and just an overall fun protagonist heh he's also like an idiot but i love that abt him.. finally a relatable protag. so haru starts work and meets all his coworkers which are also the love interests, Hiroyuki/Hiroshi, Ryu, Maki, and Pops/Oji-san/Inui who's the guy you save whos also the owner. hiroshi trains haru mostly and i love hiroshi sigh... theres one dude who shows up and was kinda annoying as a customer but eh ryu figures it out. ryu's ok idk i dont really like stoic megane charas that much but i think when/if he get vulnerable and we break his shell it'll be Epic...theres a gang fight at some point well not really its like some hoodlums vs pops but theyre easily beaten and turns out this bar does shady side jobs or something on the side... priv investigators/detective agency and all the employees help out heh... kings of recognizing police incompetence! back to the characters.. maki is also like. a quiet nvr speaks doesnt rlly care type.. and i also idk i thought i would like him as a big boob lover but he doesnt really do it for me :( and pops as well... pops is nice but thats all i can really remember nothing super memorable.. also prolly bc i dont really like older men that much lawl so hiroyuki. is my fave. he's just nice and really cute... more energetic and chill i guess than the others perhaps and he's fun to tease heh actually. reacts.
k anyways,the first choice (other than the first no thank you!!) was who's ass you wanted to grab which i thought was fun heh and this sorta guides which route u go down heh obvs i'm going w hiroyuki first bc i love him also i think he's first on the recommended route order whoever's ass you grab is who you walk home with that night which i thought was cute heh

on the second playthrough of hiroyuki's route we get haru's pov and hiroyuki's pov which i will put in italics! (along with all the following povs that we unlock) we get a scene of haru's day off which was originally omitted. he's seen talking to narimiya in the car and ugh haru just looks SO happy i'm crying.. he said it was a lot of fun which.. hurts me lawl we learn that haru got a request for winning the death games. or something a few yrs ago lmfao. narimiya gives a lil info on maki and pops and haru mentions how he wants to be friends with the ppl at the bar sigh... but he still has to complete his primary mission.

afterwards it skips a bit n u go to work and meet kaori and mochizuki!! honestly i kinda wish mochizuki had a route i like his design and him being like a bratty tsun would have been fun... bt i guess thats what ryu is for tch. kaori assumes that the car accident and what happened to ren mochizuki was bc of her and her stalker so then they do an investigation, the plan was have kaori go on a "date" and then lure out the stalker so you go with whoever you pick, in this case, hiroyuki ofc heh so you tail their date and get crepes which was cute bc harus like cmon it needs to look like we're on a date its weird if we just stand arnd ahh the chibi cg was cute eventually u apprehend the stalker and he gets taken care of by kaori's yakuza husbando lawl

chapter 2 is when hiroyuki runs into his old hs classmate and we get to delve into his past a bit, his family situation was really rough and he got into crime but then pops found him n he's been working at the bar since heh really nice!! the classmate's brother ranaway and hiroyuki referred him to pop's detective agency heh so this whole part is like finding out where the bro is and what to do with him. theres a few more choices between the love interests as well.. not super important i dont think um you also meet blondie and tojo san who become important later but theyre essentially yakuza dudes who are friends w hiroyuki. anyways, you can go on a mission to infiltrate the brother's hideout (or stay back but for this route i went) and find that hes burning shady gross cds and theres drugs n sht you can also choose who you go on the mission with heh. afterwards you get the cds inspected at a love hotel and haru plays w a vibrator but like comedic effect haha haru gets a bad feeling that someones been watching them but plays it off... or you can NTY!! if you dont then akiyama dies lol if you do then! the game continues and you almost get kidnapped/in a fight bt hiroyuki comes and beats up the dudes w u and you escape. then we get the first kiss scene back at hiroyuki's place hehe oh yea and then you give him a handjob LMFAOO all while making out aha. back in the taxi, haru gives the hard drive with the sketchy vids on it to narumiya and is like how do we play this off?? and SUGGESTED the stun gun idea ugh this king l8r you are apparently hit with a stun gun and get to work late. pops is like bruh stay w hiroyuki just to be safe since u got attacked near your house so we sleep over at hiroyuki's place n no shenanagins goes down. the brother escapes the um gang sorta and we meet him at a park where hiroyuki gives him a pep talk and offers him a job etc man i love hiroyuki he has such a sense of like justice but hes also so cute sigh then they use him to lure out some other gang members and get them arrested. theres another NTY option here, if you dont press it then you sorta set off ur childish traps against the punks but akiyama dies again LMFAO so press it! you get a fight scene and no one dies lawl the whole thing gets resolved heh... later u have a nightmare where the only thing that comes our of your mouth is oppai/boobs which was pretty funny nflasndl like its so stupid but i love it

ch 3 starts and you find your neighbour's malnourished child in her room and call for an ambulance, you go to work and find a cat which you take home and take care of heh the girl comes back a few days later n haru takes her to the bar fnlasd and this sparks the whole what should we do with her/finding her mom investigation. you go into her apartment room w hiroshi and look for any useful info abt who she or her mom is. after, the team splits up to look for information and you can choose who to go with. with hiroyuki, we meet up with the father of the child who was just having an affair and wanted to abort the child n gets all mad when you bring her up smh but this is similar to hiroyuki's situation sigh the meeting also doesnt provide any info on the current whereabouts of the mom so it was a fail. we go eat at hiroshi's place afterwards bc its emo and he cooks for us hehe then he talks abt his past again and how he sort of relates and is kind of doing this mission for the girl but also for himself in a way and harus like "cool story bro can we have sex?" and well. you do this one was fun aha... lots of kissing which was kinda sloppy bt thats ok maybe i shld just turn the sounds down/off bc sometimes it's a bit much... but his moans +_+ are to die for hes the most vocal which is epic i love it so much like yes bottoms let me hear you make some noise!!! anyways haru eats hiroshi's ass and takes his ass virginity and idk hiroshi's dialogue is so fun idk bc hes cute and flustered n sht. umm hiroyuki's a virgin bc hes like. i wanna do it with someone special what a guy. the gang meet up and talk abt their findings with the mom and figure out a plan or something. the girl escaped the orphanage and went back to the house where haru took her into his room. ryu and pops come over after haru called them, ryu has foster parent certification so he takes care of yufumi (the girl) at harus place for a few days. later the mission is executed, haru and hiroyuki go and confront the mom, hiroyuki using his own past exps to talk to her and convince the mom to take care of her child again which she ends up doing it was sweet...

the next thing was the staff's annual fishing trip which had a cute cg hehe haru playing with the fireworks while everyone was fishing it was cute!! haru loses the fishing competition bc he didnt really care or try he just wanted to have fun with the fireworks lol so the punishment was preparing anchovies at the bar for a year. it cuts to the bar and haru just finished prepping the anchovies. every one went home except hiroyuki who's in the storeroom aha... so haru goes in there n starts rubbing his dick but hiroyuki's like ... "no if we do it here i wont be able to look ryu in the eyes so lets do this at home" its raining outside so you get soaked but you run to hiroyuki's place, you're both drenched and have wet sex on the floor of hiroyuki's like doorway

haru wants everyone to be happy and healthy... so no one dies at the end of his mission wah.. he mulls over it a bit and then gets the idea to go to the festival sniff sniff

chapter 4 starts! haru invites hiroshi to the festival and even bough them a yukata set which was so cute omg... you get a cute cg of them eating n they just enjoy the festival and have fun. hiroyuki invites haru to the pool bc he remembered that haru said that he liked them at the beginning which i thought was SO CUTEEEE like WAHHH but haru's like idk i have a huge tat so i dont think i can go :(( but its the thought that counts right heh... then they have public sex against a tree in their yukatas smirk this one was good i will say that... prob my fave so far idk LOL after u go two rounds you meet blondie at the park feeding a kitten and he informs you that he cant find tojo-san/cant get in contact with him so hiroshi's like we can help you find him! so this chapter is basically finding tojo and saving him, hiroyuki talks abt his past again, tojo gets saved etc. then after the mission haru n hiroyuki bone once again. haru hears a commotion after returning home and yufumi's mom is tryna kill her so haru saves her.

ch 5. turns out yufumi's mom is still an abusive neglectful ass mom lmfao so she got in sht for that obvs and yufumi goes back to the orphanage. hiroyuki feels bad bc he convinced them to reunite but it ended up being bad for yufumi and he blames himself a lot but haru says some insighful words hehe. later yamato comes by and tells us that tojo is dead... wtf all that work and for what yamato starts bad mouthing tojo bc he heard that he did a ton of deplorable sht bt hiroyuki is like WTF he wasnt like that and you KNOW it!! and punches him lawl hiroshi was like lets go get evidence that hes innocent. so you break into the yakuza office and fine all the evidence you need. theres feelings n stuff and you go home after yamato and hiroyuki part ways. turns out you fell asleep at hiroyuki's place and he has a morning wood aha so haru sucks him off till he wakes up and then you 69 LMAO theres a NTY after hiroshi nuts bc hes like can you say that you love me...

if you dont NTY then you say you love him and he loves you too... you go to work for a bit and ask hiroshi to teach you how to make cocktails it was a really nice night at the bar... i wish summer would last forever... ren mentions that there was gunshots when he went out to get ingredients and it's clear to haru and hiroyuki that its yamato going after the boss. haru is like you promised you would teach me how to use the shaker... so we should do that *soft smile* haru's like.. i need to get some stuff before i come over though and it cuts to a chapter 0. where it very briefly has a scene where haru is talking abt his grandpa and how he's a part of an experiment. we also get introduced to a driver narimiya, who works for haru or something. haru gives the laptop to narimiya so they can trace all the drug origins to shindo instead of pops and he goes to the hospital to finish off shindo. so its p clear that haru's in some sort of shady business like yakuza or something but not everything has been explained quite yet. haru fights off a ton of yakuza grunts, killing them and stuff and before he gets to the boss's room he thinks back on the summer and spending time with hiroyuki... how it was such a nice summer and how much he loved it, how he loved hiroyuki and his kisses and all the aspects of his summer with them im so depressed lawl he gets to the boss's room, yamato is dead, haru kills everyone in the room and he wouldn't tell them that his name is haru bc its the precious name that everyone gave him god... he got shot earlier but all he can think abt is hiroyuki and going to see him and learn how to use the shaker IM DEPRESSED!!!! haru collapses on the outside of the hospital since his ride left him and he knew the hospital couldnt save him... the last thing we see is hiroyuki crying over haru and haru wants to reassure him that he's not dead yet but... he cant speak or move.. and he says that someone crying over him... isnt a bad feeling im SO SADDD I DIDNT THINK I WOULD CRY OVER THIS GAME BUT HERE I AM!!! depressed as fuk and crying. after you finish this route you unlock a few things, haru pov, hiroyuki pov, hint mode and ch 0. this hit me so hard... idk like when hiroyuki died at some of the minor nty it wasnt so hard hitting bc it was like ryu: akiyama is dead black screen. but this. was an Ending. and it was so emotional and well done what the fuck tears in my eyes just falling. IDK it just hurt so bad i think i said this idk fk :( the game does such a good job at getting u attached to the characters and feeling the emotions AHHH

if you do NTY then haru leaves. after he leaves we get a hiroyuki pov! hiroyuki's like wtf is that normal he rlly just left me? but was also like wait yea it was kina unfair to just spring that on him what was i evn expecting? do i love haru? man im horny n he jerks off while thinking abt haru n hes like... ok yea i wanna have sex w haru evn if this isnt romantic love thats fine its a lil awkward at work not rlly bt like if something like that happens then you would def have it on your mind haha... in the break room, hiroyuki is reading an article abt his hs classmate who stabbed his mom to death like dammm. haru walks home alone and reminisces abt having a nice summer... the next morning hiroshi shows up at harus place and is like. "ive nvr seen u naked... undress." haru doesnt particularily want to but hiroshi was determined. so haru gets nakers and hiroshi blows him lol u can either cum in his mouth or on his face lawl either way he starts riding haru and then after that haru takes over n fks him mercilessly aha it was good v intense but idk i felt... a crushing feeling in my heart afterwards.. bc haru was ready to leave. to say goodbye to this summer like after reading the previous ending... i just didn't feel too good sigh... depression on. i did read that theres no. Good ending... there are those that are happier than others but.. sigh... SIGHHH... i dont want it to be like this but i guess its mentioned a lot in the game... haru talking abt squirt and eyebrows how its better that it ended in this way instead of another, even if it isnt exactly good huh.. ok anyways, haru walks to work with hiroyuki and is like oops tee hee i left my cellphone! but really. he's not going to work anymore... since he was ready to leave. summer was over after all :') he meets up w narimiya and hands him the laptop, but gets a call from yamato asking haru to tell hiroyuki that he's sorry.. so haru's like lets change plans. he then waits for yamato to execute his plan and stops him, takes his gun and kills shindo and his guards... but hiroshi shows up and is like haru! ofc hes surprised bc haru just killed a dude in front of him haha... haru runs and hiroshi follows but its ok.. bc haru says that hiroshi is the only one he wants to talk to and the only one who moves his heart... anyone else in pain rn aha. when hiroshi catches up.. btch im trembling anyways haru pins him down with a gun to his head... oh god it hurts my heart it hurt his heart too... hiroshi believed in him till the bitter end... hiroshi says he knows haru. that hes not a bad guy. but haru gets mad, hiroshi really didn't know anything abt haru. not his name. how he lived before. nothing. haru's done countless awful things... had bad things done to him. but still hiroshi didnt falter. hiroshi trusts haru. a NTY pops up. haru talks about how he feels anger and wants to hurt ppl who are good, opposite of himself. that hiroshi should learn that the world is cruel.

if you dont click it, haru pulls the trigger. hiroshi is dead and haru leaves.

if you do press it. haru realizes that the way hiroshi is is fine. that being sweet and optimistic is why haru loves hiroshi in the first place. and instead... haru kisses him. btch im crying. hiroshi asks to go home together.. that haru has everyone to help him even after what he's done... but in the morning. haru leaves. he gets picked up by his taxi driver... he made good memories, had a good time, met amazing people but he had to leave... though, he didnt have regrets :) its a really bittersweet end... this one is the "good end" i guess... the ending had a nice pic to it compared to the black screens before haha ...

the last line hit so hard it was so good this game is amazing wtf!! was not expecting that honestly... two of the endings hit me like a mf BRICK why does it hurt so much oh my god i just wanted a funny porn game but here we are crying in the club. haah... i love the pic they used for the good end idk the art looks so good!! it was also cool how once you complete hiroyuki's route (and i assume the rest), the main screen changes to their side profiles and each character will show up as u complete the routes!! but i thought the original picture was cute too hehe. honestly. hiroyuki's route really solidified this game for but also he was the one i was most looking forwards to the bar is set so high since i love him so much so im a little worried abt the rest of the game... well its fine i can always re-read hiroyuki's route hehe MWAHH i love. anyways since this is a porn game i gotta comment on it. only natural... if not obvious throughout the rest of the route. i loved hiroshi's scenes LOLL i dont think there was a single one i didnt enjoy... hiroshi made the Best noises like yes. Yes. YES!!! super um how you say... hot. fkn *nosebleeds* dam you hiroshi! idk like it felt like he was Really into it and wanted to do it... which he did which was so!! :D i think i also really enjoyed this route bc! it felt like they loved each other for real... maybe thats just what i want it to be but with hiroshi's earnest personality its hard not to fall for him.. and idk. it def felt like love to me...!!

when you grab his ass he kicks u in the stomach nflasndlas um then you walk with him to the station where he just ignores you lawl. everything else is abt the same. on the date where you're trailin kaori and ren, haru again wants it to be like a date, but ryu is not as into is compared to hiroshi lawl he takes the mission more srsly and doesnt just go along with haru's wants. haru gets approached by a man asking if hes interested in show bizz but ryu pulls u away. ngl he looks cute in chibi form hehe the mission is carried out just like in hiroshi's route.

ch 2 starts, again, everythings abt the same but you shld pick choices with ryu in them lol. tho for one, if you want to walk home with ryu, it'll say he already went home and you go with hiroshi instead which has us meet tojo and yamato. haru goes to work early the next day to see ryu heh. when you see him in the office we see some of his personality and how he works. he keeps a binder of info on the customers preferences so hes like diligent and rlly takes work srsly. this time instead of going on the mission, haru stays behind at the bar with ryu. oikawa, the shady reporter comes in and asks abt whos working which. i dont think you shld ask or give out that info lol bt haru talks a little too much n is banished to the kitchen. once closing time came around haru was like. i wanna take ryu smirk since no one else was there but he got hit in the face with a door LOL haru has bad vibes abt the little brother (which is justified l8r when we see that he kills his mom lawl) both pops and ryu sorta feel the same way... turns out hes being sexually abused by his mom... thats so :( they sent an agent to his house and it was p clear that his moom groomed him and was doing that sht to him sigh. unfortunately, they decide that there is nothing they can do to help since the friend is an adult and they have no solid proof. as well as having a total stranger butt in was out of the question. sometimes doing the right thing can cause more trouble.. but on the walk home with ryu, haru asks again. ryu says that he's thinking about it :3 not a bad guy. the next day at work hiroshi n maki have the harddrive and dvds with the snuff films on them. pops asks haru to take it to the guy to get it checked for viruses, ryu does not trust him to go alone lol. so hiroshi offers but ryus like no. i'll go. so u guys go to the love hotel n meet the dude there. no vibrator fun tho... then haru meets w narimiya, gets bonked n "loses" the hdd. HOWEVER. this time some unknown man finds you when you wake up :o thats the only diff i thought it would have more significance but i guess not. then you go to work, they discuss why the hdd could have gotten stolen/why haru got attacked but theyre just like. b careful lol. at the end of the day haru wants to go home w ryu but he left already so we get to go home w hiroshi!! he walks you all the way to ur apartment... god i love him. the next morning, ryu calls you and asks you to go with him. you arrive at igarashi (the classmate/younger brother)'s house. ryu breaks in and haru keeps watch. a strange car pulls up w all the windows tinted... when ryu comes back we get our first NTY!

If we NTY then before you can tell ryu, the car pulls up and some gangsters come out, haru beats them up and you run away. theres some cute dialogue here but its mostly from haru heh. later at work, we find out the dudes who attacked us were the older brothers employers. the whole thing where they bring back the brother to the bar happens and then we go execute that plan etc hiroshi dies. UGH. WHY!!!!

if we do not NTY, instead of fighting, ryu talks to the gangsters and we do as they say to not cause a scene or issues. then we r taken to some random ass basement/storage room. tied up. then haru makes a proposal. if he can get them out and home safely, ryu has to kiss him smirk (there was the initial proposal of having sex if ryu pops a boner which was ofc denied LOL) they escape and take a taxi back to ryu's place where he dresses haru's wounds heh... nice man. a fun part of ryu's route is that you can choose whether or not he has his glasses on when u do the nasty or evn. just kiss heh which honestly wow the dedication from the team to make all those cgs... so u kiss ryu as per the proposal heh and then. harus like ok. More. so haru ties his hands and pins him down. and. ngl. ryu looks good in the cg im digging it. like. he looks cute... anyways haru touches arnd a bit and we get to see ryus lil pink pp and are then kicked out. the mission is carried out the next day with the same nty as hiroshis route. then the day after that, igarashi and his older bro reunite in the bar. um. ryu shows them pics of the lil bro n the mom doin it and the lil bro shows his true nature lmfao. but the older brother offers to move out with the lil bro... it was nice. haru n ryu have a little moment it was p funny but also nice!!

ch 3. everythings abt the same but instead of hearing hiroshi n pops talk, you n ryu do yufumi's hair its so cute! n maki comes out with a dessert n milk for her. these men r stupid nice. the going to the neighbouring apartment scene still happens and then yall split up to do indv missions. ryu visits the grandmother at the hospital. the gma was a lot sadder imo.. bc she really cares for yufumi bt she cant do anything to take care of her or spoil her... and she doesnt really know what's really going on w yufumi at the moment. after haru asks ryu to cook him a meal in exchange for a "i'll do anything you want" coupon wahh i love haru so much... so u go to ryu's house, help him prep food, talk a bit, eat, and then haru gets HORNY! bt ryu is like. i can use the coupon n make u walk to osaka. or u can go home. so u go home. the reports are given the next day, squirt comes back and we get a ryu pov. ryu prepares the two futons they're going to use for the duration of the stay. he n pops drive to harus apartment and ryu asks inui who exactly is haru. it seems that pops knows but wont say anything in order to not compromise either of them but ryu cant trust inui after this since he may know abt haru/his sister but wont tell him and stays w u and ryu as per usual. bt this time. when ryu's cleaning the bath haru comes in and starts some mischief. but a NTY shows up :0

press it and u do not do anything w ryu lol later you recieve a call from oikawa telling u that inui got kidnapped. haru tells ryu, who is abt to call maki bt harus like nah i got this and gets into narimiyas taxi. he saves pops after listening in on their convo a lil n then meet up w everyone at the bar. haru offers to go w hiroshi to meet the mom but bc he saved pops theyre like u can stay back n rest. during the mission, ren calls the bar and they put it on speaker, allowing everyone to hear the argument btwn hiroshi and the mom... including yufumi :[ ryu takes yufumi home and pops goes to get the mom. ren n hiroshi come back n hiroshi is all depressed sigh... maki makes an apple pie for squirt... cute. in this tl, squirt goes to the orphanage n the mom got kicked out of the apartment and we dont know what happened afterwards. oikawa comes to the bar n drinks till hes drunk lol. there was this like aquarium/fishy smell on him which is also mentioned with pops a bit in this and hiroshis route. i didnt think it would be that important but it keeps coming back so i assume we'll find out what it all means in pops' route.then haru writes "my memories came back take care of eyebrows" and leaves. thats the end of this route. ok. punishment for not being horny hehe

dont press it n u give ryu a handy in da shower n u finger him till he nuts. just when ur abt to do him, eyebrows n yufumi wake up in the next room, cockblocking. everything else is pretty much the same as if you do NTY up to taking squirt home. i accidentally played the other version twice and was v confused when it was Exactly the same. lawl. anyways u take squirt home and have a lil heart to Heart with her. its nice :') the next morning ryu tells u that the mother is safe and squirts gotta go to the orphanage. when she leaves harus like lets have sex heh n ryus like sure. so u guys do it. fishing trip happens. then u go to the festival smirk but with ryu n squirt this time! when ryu helps yufumi put on her yukata, she asks him if she wants to touch her. which we then find out is bc the principal of the orphanage is a fkn pedo. ryus like next time you dont have to. if it happens call me or inui. and he helps her get the rest of her outfit together its so cute hehe like a family the festival was a lot of fun hehe. then when you return squirt to the orphanage the mood gets a lil >:( grr bt then haru takes ryu to the park n gives him a lil sucky n finger action. n then u do him aha. i havent really been keeping track of chapters this time around oops. but now we are on the tojo arc! theres a short convo btwn ren and ryu abt finding a gift for his sister, which ren then accidentally mentions ryus sister... but not what happened to her or anything but we get a little glimpse into ryu's family life. after work you go home w ryu and have sex w him again oh my when its over... haru offers to drink ryus piss i LMFAO. later, you clean the room together with ryu as an apology for what happened earlier. ryu gets a call abt yufumi and tells u to go to work before him. tojo san is found but you and hiroshi don't go save him this time. the bar has a smooth shift. talking to ryu after, we find out yufumi got adopted by a rich old man... whos adopted a bunch of girls before. shady. haru pov this time, he meets w narimiya and just asks him to drive around. we learn that the attack on the fish shop was done by a Chinese gang who had connections to shindo and the old man has adopted yufumi and is also the owner of ryu's sister. haru wants the guys to stay away from him n his organization so they dont get hurt but thats unlikely given their personalities and goalsthe next day haru tries to go home w ryu again but he gets a call abt yufumi, haru wants to go with ryu and a NTY pops up.

if you do press it, haru doesnt go home. straight up refuses. so haru goes to ryu's place where we meet the thugs who get beat up but then escape. ryu's a lil mad bc haru just ignored the coupon but harus like i had a bad feeling pls. ryu then gives haru the cellphone holder which was cute heh haru goes to work as per usual.. a few days pass and ryu doesnt show up. haru mentions the attackers to pops as he goes to investigate. ren seems like he knows something so haru forces it out of him. it has to do w yufumi, ryu saved her from going w the old dude and shes in kaori's care now. looks like the old dude who was gonna adopt yufumi was also the dude who has ryu's missing sister. the old dude is an important client to haru's organization.. a lil fked up but i see. haru doesnt want to abandon ryu, and evn though he needs the chip for his job.. he would rather help ryu. so he goes to the old dude's house to save ryu.. thinking abt his experiences. i think these bad ends are so sad bc haru builds such a genuine bond with the staff and really enjoys his time with them, so much to the point where he values them over his original objective. haru kills a bunch of guards and the old dude. turns our ryu faked his kidnapping so that haru would do that, kill the dude who had his sister... or just to confirm his own suspicions. haru's already heavily injured from the fight earlier so he's gonna die regardless of whether ryu shoots him or not. haru lies to ryu, telling him that his sister is dead so that he'll stop looking for her... so that ryu will stay alive. this gets ryu mad and haru takes this chance to drug him n get him to narimiya... they have a final conversation and haru dies... his summer was a lot of fun... :(((

if you dont press it, ryu uses a coupon and you go home. but LOOPHOLE!! haru was like ok i went home wya!! n goes to ryus apartment where two dudes have him tied up. with the amt of ppl being tied up in surprised there isnt more bondage in this game. anyways, haru has a bad feeling. which gives me a bad feeling but he beats up the dudes in his appartment and you get to sleep over as thanks for saving ryu hehe. ch 5 starts! ryu brings all the coupons to haru and asks abt him... but haru cant answer. fear or hurting them prolly holding him back... ryu then starts talking about his past. ryu wants info abt his sister since he came across a certain organization that haru is most likely a part of aha. harus like give me head n i'll look for her. bt it felt off... so harus like get on all fours. we r doin it. honestly. i liked this one, ryu looked cute in it LOL and the way he answered questions was also like.. a bonus. after ur done boning, harus like. is that y u wanted to have sex w me? bc u knew who i was n wanted to use me? they talk a bit more after. you go to work, tojo's dead but its not rlly important in this route LOL ryus like k what abt my sister? harus gonna look into it more first. we talk to ren in the office, n learn that hes working for ryu :0 not inui. haru pov: in the taxi w narimiya, he found yufumi n shes w kaori. so it was a trap for haru lol. the attackers from before were inui's guys.. interesting. haru breaks into shindo's mistresses apartment or something and gets his laptop, also poisoning the dude l8r haru takes a nap n wakes up to ryu playing the piano n then they have sex again fnlaksmda i think they r getting better bc it seems like ryus actually enjoying himself rather than just doing it out of obligation hehe. after cleaning up, haru asks abt yufumi, turns out shes w kaori yay!! haru pov: he meets up w narimiya, turns out the data on the laptop was fake Lbt then ren gets kidnapped a few days later. never a boring day here lol. ryu gets a text of a pic of ren tied up. not evn surprised. i should not have done this route second LMFAO i did not follow the recommended route TT just went in order of the options which is hiroshi, ryu, maki, n pops. but oh well :p everyones play will b a lil diff heh but turns out ryu stole something from pops, and he suspects pops was the one who attacked him earlier and captured ren. ryu cant trust pops and was hoping haru could help. in exchange for whatever ryu stole, haru's willing to save ren and tell ryu abt his sister. so i guess the thing is really important for his job. ryu made a few items w the sewing machine for haru like he asked. heh it was nice. when haru goes to save ren, ryu shows up. with a GUN. but narimiya also shows up... with a GUN. ryu gets pinned down n haru asks for the data. no response. ren gets shot in the arm. turns out it was in the cellphone holder ryu made for haru lawl. haru shows ryu a video of his sister and well. doesnt look good. flashback to ryus pov: his sister, ai, bought a piano for him,,, the one thats in his apartment still.. she asks him to play for her like when they were younger.. and feels guilty that ryu cant do things that he enjoys because he has to take care of ai and work all the time. but ryu doesnt mind.. bc he cherishes ai.. and shes all thats left of his family, he couldnt let piano become more important than her. he wants to protect her... bruh this game is fked. ai is in a "trophy case" where she's been mutilated.. or i guess her figure has been altered so its not so recognizable, her mind is basically gone... she's still alive but hooked up to a life support system... no way for anyone to live.. :( depression after showing this to ryu, he starts crying ofc.. and asks you to kill them. a NTY pops up.

if you dont press it. he snaps. he doesnt care. just kill every one. so haru ends his suffering and shoots ryu.

if you do press it. haru says "no". he talks to ryu, saying isnt it better? he's free now that he knows where his sister is. he doesnt need to abandon the piano that he loves anymore, he could adopt yufumi... he can sort of.. be at peace in a way. but haru knows that ryu would do it all over again if he had the chance. at the end, haru presents ryu with two wishes, the last two "i'll do anything" coupons to ryu. and haru says that he really does love ryu... after the credits, we get a ryu pov! he's at work with everyone after all that happened lol. ren shows up and everyones happy to see him heh ryu leaves the bar to pick up yufumi!! she seems a lot happier now that she's with ryu heh. they arrive home and eyebrows is also there!! an envelope was left in the apartment with hair and half a coupon in it and it cuts back to ryu asking for his request. he wants ai to be set free. and witheld the second coupon for until the first request was fulfilled.

and thats it! we're done ryus route :3 i assume the long hair in the envelope was ai's, indicating that she had been set free. whether she's alive or not.. is not clear but honestly, death seemed like a better option compared to living like that. def not as emotional as hiroyukis lol but UGHH the good ends are TRULY the Definition of bittersweet... it tugs at ur heart but not in a bad way... idk ryus route was p interesting. i was glad it wasnt just the same route as hiroyukis but replaced with ryu LOL rlly glad he had sort of his own motivations and goals and his own people who are important to him. i also liked getting diff perspectives on the main cases so to say, like with the igarashi brothers. i also think this didnt quite hit as hard for me because. ryu didnt really care that much abt haru.. he didnt develop any feelings, there was no romance whatsoever haha so idk it didnt feel as personal i guess.. and harus love for ryu didnt seem? super romantic either idk! anyways, his sex scenes were p good i guess idk i just dont like ryu's hair style.. if it was diff i prolly woulda like it more. that being said, there were certain cgs i liked a lot more than others lol and they def got better over time esp bc he was feelin it!! voices were ok... i am v srs abt my yaoi moans NFASMDLAS half joking... bt yea idk didnt rlly do anything for me

everything starts with the butt grab heh... except maki doesnt let you and you couldnt sneak up on him tch. so we go home with him. i really like his casual clothes... tight... on his boobs... +__+ theres like barely any dialogue btwn the two fnlasnd i mean understandable. kaori arc happens, we go on the maki "date" heh ended up in the arcade and we win a cute seal that haru gives away bc maki holding it was drawing too much attn tch. then that gets wrapped up as per usual. ok when we get to the next who to go home with choice, we can stay and chill w maki. tojo and yamato show up at the bar rather than us meeting them on the street with hiroshi. they order food and harus descriptions of them are the same but the delivery was diff heh.

afterwards the next choice was to go on the mission or not. since we've been doing stuff w maki, ryus like ok go with him. i think maki is pretty interesting considering he gets under haru's skin a lot by ignoring him or being completely indifferent. when ryu ignores haru he's ok with it since ryu is cool and haru has a good grasp on ryu's character. he can sorta tell that he's just thinking about it and doing what he thinks is best, not rlly going along w haru's playfulness i guess. but maki is a whole enigma lol no idea whats going on or why maki's so closed off. so harus like grr >:(( i'll get something out of this old man. haru goes to sleep kinda dejected and wakes up determined to do a good job and get maki to praise him! or to touch his ass. the break and enter mission happens, maki does find the camera so we dont get that problem in this route, everything else was abt the same as the prev routes, snuff films, drugs, love hotel, etc. maki hands haru the backpack and haru runs after him but its a brief and same as usual interaction. harus like. man maki is never fun but i always end up with him.. i kinda hate him lawl. bc haru only wants to have fun this summer!! they lose the disc, regular days at sotano, then we have to talk to rikuto after he ran away. missions are like. when maki talks the most nfkasld and its still not that much. but hey at least theres something. harus like if i can bring him back u have to reward me heh (which is prolly sex lbr). haru goes to talk to him and cant rlly convince him to come back so hes like "lets have sex smirk" rikutos like ahh nonono i'll go back. afterwards everyone goes home and haru walks with maki. the reward is either squeezing his ass or his boobs smirk. whether you pick boobs or butt it doesnt matter... maki is like no. who said you could pick it? tch. then harus like then lets have sex!! but thats also a no and that he would think about it. then we have the fight the thugs, do the nty n move on w the plot. we didnt really delve into the brothers plot all that much i can see why this is the recommended second route oops. but thats fine. haru goes into the kitchen after everything ends and asks for his reward... tried to squeeze the butt again but to no avail... maki gives him a little chocolate and calls it a day. after a month of working there.. haru has carefully observed maki and that he doesnt have his guard that high when he changes clothes so haru takes that opportunity to grab some bare boobs SMIRKKK WIN!! but then a nty shows up bc harus like... this is weird.. kinda uneasy....

if you dont nty then its the same ending as the one in ryu;s route where oikawa shows up smells fishy and then harus like my memories are back see ya!

i feel like if you arent horny in this game u get bad ends lol. i ntyed first bc i thought that would stop haru. harus pissed bc maki has 0 response to anything i mean. me too haru. so he wants to see maki show any sort of emotion. anger. something. so he ties maki's hands to the locker bt maki doesnt seem to rlly care which pisses haru off evn more. so harus like whatever i'll just untie him since hes so boring. but then makis like u wanna fuck? just do it and untie me after. so haru's like oh? ok. bt theres like some malice in there... he growls it. hes pissed aggressive u know. harus not just horny theres something else there. hes mostly mad i think LMaO. its like. kinda rapey? like verbal consent was given but it wasnt like. maki particularly Wanted it ?? but i cant really tell. bc it just seems like hes doing it to get it over with and harus pissed abt it and angry fucking. and the entry was rlly DRY like. no love in this sex. not evn lust.. not very sexy broken heart. some blood in his ass after u pull out and harus like... feels weird. and harus like ughh self hate feels bad i totally raped him bc it was sex that sucked for both of us haru asks maki what he hates.. if anyone or anything and he says bananas. lol then maki asks abt haru and harus like. i hate u.

ch 3! u find yufumi, call maki, yadda yadda. u can go into the kitchen and see him make the french toast for her heh. next is the same same, investigate the mom lets go w maki this time. maki goes to the sex shop that the mom worked at and talked to the manager a bit, maki calls tojo to get information and talks a lot wrow and the manager ends up spilling the beans. haru relays the story to tojo and tojo's like. k anyways why are u here LMFAO. and haru says its bc maki told him to. tojos like ok i'll look into it. turns out maki is tojo's childhood friend i... wow. haru goes over to makis place and asks him to make him food heh so maki goes shopping, haru snoops a bit and falls asleep. when he wakes up, maki made him pancakes and harus like its good... but i feel weird. and makis like its cuz u didnt have a mom... me neither its something yuuya's mom made. which is another childhood friend.. interesting slowly but surely we are learning abt maki... after lunch maki gives haru some bean daifuku and then haru starts kissing maki nflansdla i was so surprised idk why /// then u give him a bj to make up for hurting him last time... man makis tiddies heh.. hehe. next day you discuss the mom, before you get home to yufumi, theres a scene with narimiya where we learn about maki's past, which narimiya was able to find through tojo and their connection. he's a 3/4 white man 1/4 japanese, mom died when he was young, moved to america at 10, kidnapped at 13 seemingly picked up by a drug cartel (which is also what haru's doing, and explains why holding guns and fighting all come naturally to maki.. also his gun collection n sht hes like a pro killer) there was a falling out in the cartel so maki was able to leave them eventually and then i assume he went back to japan and lived with yuuya. which we will meet. apparently the drug data was lost but it seems its the same one that pops is making. (i assume it all ties together in his route @_@) haru asks narimiya not to tell hq bc then everyone gets involved and he doesnt want that. the scene ends with haru wanting to eat narimiya's home cooking. god i love haru. then ryu sleepover happens yea. haru leaves to hang out w maki and we learn abt his childhood a little tiny bit. pops gets kidnapped and u go save him. that gets dealt with, the mom thing gets delt with. fishing trip happens then u go to makis place and ask for sex after work one day and you do it and sleep over heh nice.

ch 4. haru's cleaning and yamato and tojo come in after hours. maki makes omlette rice while haru and tojo talk abt the reasoning behind the hachi nickname and theres a little tenseness when it came to yuuya.. noted. then the festival smirk we get a cute gold fish cg heh then cut to outdoor yukata sex smirk. afterwards maki makes haru some food maybe this is his love language. harus a lot happier now and doesnt get annoyed w maki as much anymore. next day tojo goes missing, everyone does their work and haru and maki tend to the bar. haru talks to him abt tojo and how maki just seems to act normal evn tho his best friend is missing and we see a little into makis thoughts. after work, you go home with maki and ask for sex. yknow i write ask for sex but its really just haru being like "lets have sex!" and maki gives haru a bj but gets bored and then they 69. after maki was gonna top haru but we got COCKBLOCKED !!! sure there are more important things but damn that would have been nice to see ... anyways the shop got attacked tch and by shop it was the fish shop. back at makis place he pulls out some guns and knives and we go save tojo. seems maki is a dangerous dude... having new guns and being accustomed to using them. you bring tojo back to makis place and you fall asleep. pops stops by to give tojo some new clothes. haru eavesdrops on their convo and we learn that ppl from tojo's gang kidnapped him and he was going back evn tho he knew he would be killed... when pops leaves haru asks tojo abt their past. tojo, yuuya, and maki were all childhood friends, maki moved away at 10, tojo and yuuya drifted apart and tojo became yakuza, maki comes back and learns to cook with yuuya and his father. yuuya gets involved with a woman who's being hunted for some rzn and he's murdered by the ppl who were looking for her along with his mom and sister. then the dad committed suicide afterwards bc his whole family was killed. maki was living with them at the time but was with the father at the time of the murder. tojo thinks maki could have protected yuuya but at the same tome tojo wasnt close to yuuya either so how could he blame maki? just old man things. when maki comes back from work, harus like tojo u shld shower! and i want to eat omlet rice pls. while maki's cooking, haru's trying to convice or even begging maki to save tojo.. to stop him from going back to the syndicate but he doesnt. haru's upset that maki didnt stop him when he left and punches maki, maki punching haru back. haru was really mad... and he realized that he was jealous of maki... he had a great life, with wonderful ppl who cared abt him and he could live freely.. and haru wanted that... sigh... :'( he was also mad that maki didnt seem to appreciate what he had.. and what haru didnt.

ch 5. haru tries to talk to maki once more but now in a calm manner. with reasoning. and it works!! makis like lemme pee n we'll go. tbh i rlly liked it... king haru i love u soooo much!!! haru, maki, and yamato all search for him but no luck.. a few days later and hes dead... sigh.. haru talks to maki again sorta like. stating the facts not really blaming him but it was like "you could have prevented it. and you know that. you'll regret it. dont let urself go numb" and haru leaves. maki pov: hes in the shower he's just thinking abt his past sexual relationships and talks abt a mexican girl he knew who died... very short. maki-esque. later maki closes the bar temporarily. harus p sad bc sotano was kinda his joy that summer... where he met everyone... it was sad and it was his last time at sotano basically but as we walk home with maki, its clear he closed the bar bc he was abt to go get revenge lol haru comes with him. they drive out to the mountains where theres a yakuza vacation home where shindo is residing. he killed tojo to gain control of the drug business sorta that they were dealing with. but really shindo pinned all his crimes on tojo and handed him over to the old fat guy nirasaki whos shindo's boss, and when nirasaki was having fun with tojo they overdosed, allowing shindo to take over the syndicate. haru and maki scope out the firepower and decide to come back at night with their weapons lol. so they sit in the car bt its hot as fk and harus bored and then. horny LOL. so they have car sex... nut on his chest n face, get horny again and then round two. when night comes, haru is the diversion and maki cleans up the ones who try to escape, they basically go bullet crazy i think theres a term for it but i cant remember what it is right now lol. they find shindo, kill him and also find the data on the drug manufaturing that haru has been after the whole time. they made the scene look like it was a result of infighting so sotano could still function tee hee. i think maki sort of figured out who haru is and that hes after the data lol. then we get a cg of them naked in the water cleaning the blood off it was nice... dicks dangling. they head home, haru says goodbye to eyebrows.. idk im emo. bc hes going to get the data from maki... and then leave... haru gets into narumiya's taxi and narimiya asks if the plan is the same. we get a nty.

if we do press it, haru takes a drug to up his adrenalin, he fights maki, maki shoots himself after haru points the gun at him. and hes dead. goodbye maki.

if we dont press it haru goes to fight maki with all he's got!! theres a whole fight scene it was really fun idk!! fun to read near the end haru pulls out his gun and shoots makis shoulder... we get another nty after maki says to just do it.

if you dont press it then as haru's about to shoot, maki stabs haru and he dies. bye haru.

if you do press it. haru decides to just ask for the laptop. which was apparently right at the front door and he could have just taken it nflasdl so now makis tending to his wound and its like =_= u fought me bt u didnt have to bruh moment. to distract maki from the pain harus like.. sex? and they do it LOL haru goes slow and is gentle bc maki literally just got shot. but makis like. too slow and starts riding haru nfalsdmlsad ok.... i see u.. taking the lead u rlly want this. so they do that. after they finish, haru redresses maki's wound and asks him to tell pops to give up on the data and stuff which maki will handle. haru's about to go but maki reaches out and pats haru's head. telling him that he'd be sad if haru died so he better come back and call if he needs anything... a few tears roll down haru's cheek and the credits play.

that is the end of maki's route!!! i got the good end on my first playthrough smirk but omg... it was so good LIKE ok i thought i wouldnt like it at first bc maki didnt have all that much of a personality and haru didnt evn like him so i was like... hm how will this turn out... also the sex was so dead fish half the time i was like k. but like i think this one was where haru ended up displaying the most emotion (mm maybe aside from hiroshi's) :0 and i really liked that idk!! i also cried when i read the good ending final line like... no... the way haru was able to sort of get thru to maki... abt not having regrets, to care for the ppl who care abt him after he's been through so much loss idk it was a really well done character dev!! the plot side was idk p much the same as hiroyuki but ofc not the same, i can see why this is the second recommended route. also what can i say.. im a sucker for big boobs. since it is actually a big part of the game heres the sex comments LMAO ok beginning ones were bad bc like. maki did not want to do it.. seemed annoying and a hassle also he litrally got raped... angry fucked. sigh. the last few were really good tho.. idk i guess i just like it when both parties are into it. most of the sounds came from haru but evn then there werent that many but. i mean it makes sense.

kouichi pov: maki knows that haru is an assassin but they cant do anything abt it Right now so they have to wait and see. there isnt anything partic weird abt haru except his innocence sort of pops is weirdly drawn to him grab his butt and boobs and u go home together heh. everything is the same, when the first mission happens you cant actually go with pops bc they suspect that the stalker was after him so that was a nono, you can go with any of the other 3 and its exactly the same, i went w hiroshi again bc thats my man. afterwards everything else is the same as well, you can tell pops you feel uneasy furing the second chapter with the brothers. same same, when you wait to go home with someone and pick pops its abt the same as maki's route and pops invites haru to go drinking. they drink till morning and pops is like drunk as hell. haru takes him home and draws nipples on pops' asscheeks... i... love haru so much like its so stupid but. anyways we get a nty.

dont press it, haru doesnt do any more to inui and cleans his place a bit and leaves. everything proceeds kinda normally going through hiroyukis route sorta, you do the second mission with him, theres no choice. haru pov: he calls narumiya and tells him about the hidden camera video and asks him to get it from hiroshi but to not hurt him unless necessary and then akiyama is dead. lawl ok sigh

so ofc we gotta press the nty. haru rolls pops over n exposes his nice tiddies. touches them a bit n his nips. also his dick. but pops is like passed out and haru has some (not many) morals and wouldnt be into raping a sleeping person. so he's about to stop but pops embraces him and they fall asleep like that. pops also drunkenly mumbles something about a yuki and hiro, assumingly his wife and kid. next day, work happens, near the end of the shift pops asks to talk to haru later and then they meet at his room. he looks like he wants to talk about something... another nty shows up.

press it and pops asks abt the morning where they were sleeping together. haru's like oh he probably thought we had sex but thats a misunderstanding so lets clear it up! so they do and everything is good heh. not akiyama dies in the route again.

so dont press it!! like ive mentioned before... if you arent horny u get punished. so haru takes this as a chance, using the fact that pops thinks they had sex bc he mistook haru for a woman and really regrets it because he cant remember what happened. harus like if i do what you did to me then we can call it even! pops agrees and. the . butter lube... sigh i didnt rlly want to read it bc idk its just so unsanitary LMAO bt yea that happens, haru's like btw we didnt have sex lawl and pops gets mad. everything basically follows ryu's route for ch 2 with the brothers plot, except we dont go to their house and find out about the grooming/incestuous rape thru the game. after it's "resolved" haru goes home with pops and asks why he looks sullen and hugs him :3 cute

ch 3. everything is the same as the other routes, nothing of particular interest. when everyone splits up to interrogate diff ppl in regards to yufumi's mom we can go play with pops (well thats what the option says lol). sunday's our day off and pops offers to treat haru to whatever. haru asks for motherly food which now that i think about... he asks for it in Every Single route... im depressed... we meet yukari who's an old friend of inui and go to her restaurant. you eat, theres banter overall a nice time. on the way home pops saves a highschool looking girl from a sleaze and haru wants to treat him bc he was so cool! fade to black pops is naked n tied up LMFALSMD so haru shaves him n eats his ass n jerks him off umm. idk not a fan bc pops doesnt want it and harus lowkey victim blaming like "you got so drunk and look what happened last time you didnt learn your lesson what if i was a bad guy" like haru sweetie u r doing this against his will. koichi pov: tojo asks for kouichi to discuss the case of the mom and who bought her. they both want what will benefit the both of them ofc. ngl since i read this over the span of several months and not in order i cant really keep up with the names of the syndicate people i am so sorry. but anyways they talk abt haru a little and how he doesnt seem like a regular civilian. the yukari case continues, we get to the ryu sleepover and this time haru offers to sleep at pops' place instead. promises not to do sex stuff bt. well. yea LOL. haru big spoons pops and starts touchin everywhere. but ok i just wanna say we've nvr gotten a cg with haru in this outfit so im kinda wowee!! he looks so cute ok anyways haru stops touching pops' pp and nip nops god i sound like 2013 tumblr but anyway bc haru doesnt want to get kicked out or anything bt hes got a boner and he Really wants to touch pops like Really. super horny maybe theres something else there but he was like. i need to touch pops and he does theres some frotting that happens n they nut n fall asleep. next day everythings the same i think it follows ryu's route mostly, pops gets kidnapped, whats gonna happen to squirt since her mom doesnt want her etc. haru heads over to pops' place to ask abt whats gonna happen to her. you talk a bit abt it, she does to the orphanage yea. haru's suddenly like i want a reward for saving u... can i give u a bj lawl this route seems so much hornier than the others omg maybe its bc im skipping a ton bc i already read it but dam lol. some banter happens and pops ends up sucking haru off instead of the other way arnd wrow... anyways i like harus moans i wish he did it more like if he bottomed that b kinda hot but hes a strict top (that we see anyways he was totally down to bottom if we didnt get cockblocked smh) bj n kiss scene n haru leaves. koichi pov: cant sleep bc hes horny n tries to masturbate w/o thinking of haru but it doesnt work so he jerks off thinking abt him n is like well that was. that. feels bad but oh well. haru pov: um kijima is dead bc haru took him n killed him as a precaution sort of i dont rlly remember who this is i think it was like one of the yakuza bosses or something shrug sorry

fishing trip happens, it goes down that route where oikawa gets drunk as hell and smells fishy, but instead of haru leaving, it actually continues! oikawa calls u the next morning to apologize for his behaviour the previous night and asks you to talk to him abt something serious/important later that night. haru meets up with him at a diner at 3am and we find out that oikawa suspects inui sells drugs and got in kijima's way which is why kijima attacked him before. oikawa tells you that he's a drug addict and he just needs his fix so he wants haru to talk to inui about it and he promises that he wont use him for an article or anything. an nty pops up.

dont press it, haru just leaves like the other ends.

press it, then it's festival time :3 the atmosphere for this festival date was not good. did not have fun it was honestly like a little sad? very off... haru ends up saying something abt pops that he shouldnt have known and idk its just kinda awkward... later haru goes to suck pops off its kinda gross like i dont want to read abt his smegma but ok thanks. then haru has sex with pops and is like oh sht i think i love him... i personally only love hiroyuki so cant relate aha. haru pov: night of the festival, haru goes to the building where the bar is but a diff floor, the fishy smell from other routes is bc the drug melt is made from algae. haru finds a notebook with the info on the drug and takes a few pics. he wants pops to be safe so he figures out how to make it look like pops wasnt the one manufacturing it so hq doesnt go after him. he asks narimiya for his help as well. after the festival haru talks to pops abt the drugs thing and clears it up. pops says hes not involved and thats just a crazy rumour. and then they have sex bc haru brought lube. im telling u this one is so much more horny idt ive read like any plot fnlsnda wish this was hiroyuki's route sigh sorry pops fans. after the sex they take a shower together it was nice. next day harus going home from work and sees oikawa all beat up in a trashcan and brings him home. we learn abt oikawa's past and why he's investigating pops. oikawa's colleague was doing a scoop or something idk if i rlly understood n he got involved w pops, oikawa also got involved, got kidnapped and the colleague's wife n kid were raped n they all killed themselves. so hes kinda doing this for forgiveness or redemption in a way. haru offers to investigate pops for him. next day aniki gets kidnapped, hiroshi n maki go to save him while ren, haru and ryu man the bar. its rlly busy for some rzn and then oikawa comes in and haru makes him wash the dishes nflansd aniki gets saved and the work night ends. maki makes oikawa a meal, and oikawa feels different. he was over investigating pops like he had sort of given up. and bids farewell to haru since theres no rzn they would really ever see each other again. haru heads to inuis place after and its like something is bothering pops too but they have sex anyways. pops asks for this to be the last time during a pretty cute cg. haru has to leave soon anyways so its fine. kouichi pov: sort of just talks abt how he's seen kids like haru and describes what theyre like and how he feels abt it summers over and haru has to finish his assignment.

ch. 5, haru pov: he's thinking about his past, or maybe dreaming idk but he was in a situation where the survivor of some fked up challenge gets promoted from property to staff. so he has to kill his partner of 10 years... that partner was hiroki. pops' son.. so i guess haru isnt his son but they were the same age and spent so much time together dam... hiroki always had hope his dad would come and save him but.. sigh aniki dies, group meeting bc pops went missing. they discuss closing the shop but harus like no we shld keep going. ryu agrees for a week but if theres no progress then they'll have to discuss it again. haru's been looking for pops day n night so he's sleepy and out of it at work. haru pov: on the way home from work he meets up with narimiya, not rlly on purpose and talks abt how he should finish up with shindo. haru finds him and asks him abt pops to no avail so haru pov: haru stabs him in the chest n plops him in the trunk they then head back to the station and haru walks to the bar thinking abt pops and hoping he's safe. he's still tired as hell and his head hurts, judgement is skewed and he gets hit by a car. maki was the one driving it... haru passes out and wakes up bound. theyre in an abandoned restaurant looking place, inui is there and its revealed he knew everything from the beginning. haru sorta taunts him with the fact that he could be pops' son or that his son is dead. haru injects pops w the drug theyre making and then rapes the hell out of him it was so long dam. like complete 180 personality change too like from haru not being into rape at all to being super into it. i want to believe that its all a front and that haru's just doing this so pops will back off and never go near hq again which seems in character for him and the fact that he Could be pops' son still exists but haru says that he killed his son.. idk what the truth is but either way the situation is fked up. afterwards haru offers pops to take the easy way out and just be haru's "woman". a nty pops up. if you dont press it, haru injects pops with another syringe that was full of a sleeping drug that could kill someone if they took enough so its implied that he dies. after we hit this ending kouichi pov is unlocked.

do press it, and the same thing happens, But! theres a little epilogue chapter which was super short but haru basically finishes his business and heads home. inui is sleeping since he only used a tiny bit of the sleeping drug to knock pops out. the end cg was cute! kouichi pov: he wakes up after the events of everything and thinks over his situation. haru had spared him and left, went back to his organization and his son was probably dead n that's that. but pops feels like its unfinished and wants to go and get haru back. to get him out of the organization and give him a nice punch. it's a pretty nice sentiment, how he still cares abt haru after everything that's happened aha. even tho it wouldnt be smart to get involved with them even though there was no reason to and it was dangerous, he's still willing to do it.

once you finish all the routes, haru waves bye and his character disappears off the title screen. he's really gone... kinda hurts lol there are two additional endings, im not 100% sure what unlocks them but i did it after all the routes and followed inui's route up to this point. the first is when we receive the phone call that hiroshi is dead. the gang are going to investigate and haru's like. how did he die. apparently someone was walking their dog and saw hiroshi's beaten dead body in the park... he was most likely beaten for information but didnt give it oh god i feel SICK. hiroshi didnt deserve that hes too good a man but nothing can bring him back.. haru is prepared to leave but not like before... he takes makis knife and waits. pops asks what haru knows or something and haru's like oh sht he knows. well. this was fun but i have to go. slits ryus throat and presumably kills pops offscreen. pops also gets closure abt his son and how he's dead.

the other ending is following the one where oikawa and haru meet at the diner at 3am. haru goes to the fish floor and gets the data he needs, figures he needs to pin the blame on someone else and his work is done! he then cleans up his place and leaves. another chapter is unlocked, ballad of a killer... narimiya takes haru down the hall of hq's fucked up toys god i hate this place and so does haru. its messed up man... haru kills one of the toys to put him out of his misery, haru recognized him but it's not clear who it actually was. CONCLUSION
very sorry the playthrough is a MESS!!! i write as i go so the information is in disarray and doesn't really make sense the way the story is set up and how i wrote it lol. its best if you play the game yourself!! the unraveling storyline that adds more and more through each route was amazing. the sex is truly... something else LOL def play when ur horny nflasdas my fave route was 100% hiroyuki's... it's biased ik but. thats what makes it my personal fave is it not. anyways IDK it felt the most romantic of them all HAHA like the endings were all like. very between haru and hiroyuki like the others were too but the plot played more of a role in them i feel. and it felt like both haru and hiroyuki ended up falling for each other.. not to mention his sex scenes were the hottest imo *shot* his moaning >>>> sorry i dont like quiet sex. hiroshi's also had i guess... the sorta happiest end? idk im just a romanticist. whereas ryu was more onesided and maybe not so much romantic? idk. love wasnt evn Mentioned in makis lol. pops' was kinda messed up no comment there... i do appreciate ryu's route being so different and giving a ton of insight on the characters and info on the people haru work for sort of.. a lot more plot driven and tied things in well i think. maki's was also really fun, lot of character development rather than plot focused. since theyre all really different idk if i can really rank them theyre like. similar levels of enjoyment but maybe maki's is higher bc i am emotionally attached and the ending made me cry so it automatically gets bonus points. but also loses points bc the sex sucked and there was a whole ass rape scene. then again ryu's was kinda dub-con. the ending song for the good ends being called we'll meet again someday is the most emo thing ive read today... (jan 14th, 2021, the day i'm writing this) like... man you really had to do that huh... i love this game. its a guilty pleasure. ITS SO GOODDD but i will Not be talking abt it publicly or recommending it to my friends. i mean if any of you are reading this... hello! please play the game i love it. i like the gameplay mechanics, with ntys being the major choices and everything else minor heh, the addition of new povs after you finish a route is also super cool! i feel like they put in a Lot of effort into this game with over 3000 CGs (most of them being sex ones but ahem) its still incredible how they drew So many and with diff body hair amts/glasses or not like bruh they didnt have to but they did... the interface is neat and the menus only appear on hover which is cool! theres a Ton of settings to customize how you want to play and idk everything looks neat! the plot is also Good like bro. the way it made me Cry... extremely well done. theres also not any holes i can think of, its a coherent storyline with good sex like not much i can ask for lol (aside from a mochizuki route *broken heart emoji*) music and voice acting were also very good!! no complaints there, all dialogue was voiced amazing job to the staff!! the scene replay feature is def super cool i love it for reasons. but also not having to go through the entire game just to see the ending scene or any other scene is super handy its so good


GAME STATUS: Completed

PLAY TIME: 3 hours

This game was pretty cute :o catgirls cant really go wrong with that aha cute girls doing cute things... no porn this time bc i bought this as a joke to play with my friend and he didnt evn play with me i'll kill him but yea it was on sale and i didnt realize the H scenes were dlc and i was Not going to buy it. but i read the whole thing, only took 3 hrs pretty short... the art is super cute and bright, i liked how animated the sprites were and thought that was super cool!! boob bounciness setting... the plot was kinda shallow but idk how much you can do with open bakery/cafe + catgirls lawl the characters were all pretty cute um. one thing i HATED was the incestuous tones btwn mc and his little sister like. why is the sister in love w/ mc... super gross also she looks like she like 10 and mc is def in his like mid 20s or something. the cats ages were also kind of questionable but... eh i will believe that they are of age in cat years or whatever. overall, very cute game you get with choco and vanilla in this volume. def gets points for having great, cute artwork and a cute game! would recommend if you just want catgirls and boobies but if you actually want substance then this is not your game.


GAME STATUS: Completed
PLAYTIME: 18.5 hrs
REVIEW STATUS: complete, may go back and add more details if i play again
CW: Death, Weapons, Violence, Sexual Content, Abuse, Incest... ? but not rlly? uhh, Suicide, Rape

i LOVEEE THIS SERIESSS the art is really nice i think... i really like when illusions happen, the backgrounds and colours are amazing... music fits the mood well, voice acting is really well done.. and the gameplay is simple LOL which i appreciate... it's a linear story kinda.. first play through has no choices you just read and bam you're done minakami's route... then you play again and get a choice boom kawase's route. hanakawa is next, then professor and then kaoru. i also really appreciate how it's written... theres a lot of funny dialogue and the interactions between characters are fun to read. its descriptive, but not too flowery to the point where it feels dragged out. also omg whenever i listen to 上弦の月 i think abt this game.. i think its the never ending rain line and the way kaito is drawn/dressed heh

very first playthrough i really had no idea what i was in for... i knew he died but i was not expecting a time loop story... genuinely thought it was going to be like a murder mystery LMAOO... ok so the game opens up with a story, the phantom in the basement, which is the story that Tamamori is writing. it's shown that kawase is reading it afterwards and hes like. wtf is this it was absolute garbage dude *burns it with his cigarette* at this point in the story but theyre like childhood friends so it's just their relationship.. will give him the benefit of the doubt for now and then an earthquake hits and kawase spills coffee all over himself and then gets mad at the waitress and pulls at her hair and sht bt the waitress is fine with it lol shes like yess sir teidaisei san i love u ur so hot it doesnt matter what u do to me awooga heart eyes! but like same LMFAOO i'm like wow kawase... is kind of an asshole... once you part ways with kawase, tamamori goes to work at his bookstore which is only open on rainy days, Umebachidou. you greet the owner who's face you've nvr seen but he always provides you with money and free lodging so king! tamamori goes to his room and changes his fish's water bowl and here we meet minakami for the first time!! minakamis like.. u shouldnt treat ur goldfish like that i dont think thats the correct way to do it. they talk for a bit, minakami mentioning how he's prolly read all the books in the store and leaves a copy of dogra magra on the shelf. once he leaves, tamamori starts working on his manuscript, a story abt a frog man and the shopowner haruhiko-san. these two characters are hallucinations that tamamori talks to throughout the story. tamamori is knocked out of his trance when a customer comes in, the professor. at first i liked him bc im like aw he has an obvious crush on tamamori but hes. like weird abt it lawl IDK like hes a simp and kind of a pervert and an eccentric but i dont hate him i guess. tamamori goes to the bath and hears the story of a 6ft tall demon/phantom in town who wears a mask. i was like oh 6 ft isnt that tall bc most anime characters are like decently tall but later its revealed that tamamori is like 5'3 LFMASLDMAS

ok i WAS going to do a write up summarizing the whole game... but theres A Lot. (maybe i will but not in Too much depth, just general things that happen) and i think. you really need to experience it for yourself !! but i'm leaving up what i did write bc i think its kinda funny. anyways, theres a lot of dialogue and literary references, so its hard to do a detailed write up on it aha. this game is moreso focused on character development than like furthering a plot so to say, so yea trying to summarize it would take quite a while bc its less liek things are happening, which they do dont get me wrong, bt idk.. def something you have to read and exp for urself i think heh so for the rest of the review i think i'm just going to write on the characters/routes themselves :3 it still won't be spoiler free tho! prolly more vague tho

so minakami's route. is the true route in my eyes LMFAO it was a super sweet and happy end which they Both deserved. they both went through so much and minakami's romance was def the most well written i think.. because he always loved tamamori. and this is also mentioned in other routes, when the shopkeeper's memories enter tamamori lawl.. its so mf sweet... i also really like how they actually touched on his sexuality and how he struggled with it. along with the madame and naoshi playing a part in figuring out gender identity and sexuality it was a great route. also minakami reading tamamori's work (although future him who takes the name kyuusaku yumeno) as his final book before his death.. sigh... the love felt pure.... it took like 10 timelines to get to minakami's end but it was totally worth it! if sweet childhood friend who cares deeply for his friend is your cup of tea then minakami will be a great read! though. one thing that i think bothered me was near the end, minakami is like. "i killed ur mom here" and then they have sex there NFLASMDAd

oh my god i love kawase LMAOOO i didn't think i would like him that much near the beginning bc i was like... wow this dude is an asshole but he has his reasons... he's not a bad person :( i love him... not to mention hes HAWT!! the outfit where he's wearing his uniform with the hat... AWOGA! i think his character is the most complex out of all of them... really well fleshed out and layered man *sighs dreamily* i thought his ending was really cute n sweet too.. he acts like hes cold n mean. i mean he kinda is but he does care abt tamamori... loves him heh. kawase isn't tsun tho which is prolly why i like him. idk i just. i love him. WOOF WOOF!!! there is literally nothing of substance here im just barking and expressing my love for him. idk kawase has done no wrong. like he's mean but i think i really like his straightforward nature. the route overall was also really nice.. i think learning abt kawase and seeing him tell tamamori that he loves him is so... wah...

i think that everyone agrees that hanazawa sucks ass!! fk this man not only is he a war criminal and a murderer. but he's also ??? just a dick? and its not evn justifiable. he only keeps people around if he needs them/has use for them and hates people for things that they cant evn control? his dad died bc kawase's (abusive) dad killed him and he hates kawase this whole time like tf do u want 8 yr old kawase to do against his abusive dad lmfao. what is 8 yr old minakami gonna do if he were to go back in time?? sorry i just dont think that his motivations are good at all lmao. u know i Wanted to like him.. i liked him in the very first timeline.. where he's the older brother character that everyone likes, that they admire. i also like his design? its like cool tall guys.. stoic and nice. he's heroic and brave, the younger kids could always rely on him!! when he went down to the basement for the first time w tamamori and just beleived him it was sweet... but no longer. his route had like 0 romance... non-con... lawl the whole rape scene was a little too long :/ mad at how the art was good tho evn tho they did it in that nasty creepy laboratory and the ending. FLASMDA im glad this was a lot shorter than the other routes sorry hanazawa like they Tried to make it romantic but im sorry this man cannot be forgiven... sigh

mixed feelings abt this man... like i said earlier, hes a Major simp but also a weirdo and pervert. he's trying his best to become closer to tamamori and be his friend bc he has a massive crush on him nflasnd its kinda sweet but he def comes off really strong and tamamori doesnt really care for it. i def dont hate him, he's not a bad guy at all, his inventions are pretty funny minus the giant war machines but what can ya do. honestly i think i lean more towards liking him, like if i were tamamori yea its like im flattered but also uh ok weirdo but thats ok. but as the reader, he's a good dude, one of the more positive characters which i really like! and he Stop hanazawa.. or at least tries to.. he wants everyone to get along and i think he just wants friends really :( his route was also really sweet idk it felt like.. a fate sort of situation though i wasnt particularily fond of the timeline it ends in... like if the romance and friendship were better developed this would have been nicer i think... but i love the professors design n demeanor!! the ending was also very sweet... i like seeing him smile sigh

so this guy... has killed your friends countless times bc of your future self's orders... but he has like. this innoncence to him... idt he evn knows.. anything anyways. his route started off so nice it was really happy!! i wish that was the reality we lived in. actors au... but alas. this was an interesting one... aha so. everyone is dead and they've just been hallucinations as a way for tamamori to cope but kaoru was real...so tamamori was afraid of him... bc he wasnt just getting reality n hallucinations mixed up. but then he gets over it 12 yrs pass and uve been raising kaoru this whole time, tamamori becomes an author and writes "hashihime", which is what i assume to be what we just read or some variant of it. um u n kaoru go for a walk n then bang bang which was again. u raised him as ur son and thought of him as ur child bt u still... do this w him aha... odd... n they spend the rest of their days together. also this is technically considered the true end but. no its not heart emoji. minakami's is the real one aha

After Thoughts
my favourite routes in order would be minakami, kawase, professor, kaoru, then hanazawa. man. hanazawa's route rlly had nothing going for it. i like kawase the most as a character honestly but minakami's Route was like the most fleshed out i think heh. art was nice!! evn tho tamamoris dick was tiny fnaskld mans only 5'3 or whatever i dont blame him. like i mentioned before, the bright illusions were really pretty and a nice contrast to the rainy days of reality. character designs were also really cool like. everyone looked good/cute and i think the artstyle rlly complemented it heh. the music was really fun, set the mood really well there were some songs i really liked !! the jazzy feel, the soft piano ones very nice!! voice acting was really nice.. when tamamori was close to breaking down it always felt like it was full of emotion heh. i would def recommend this game!! it was a bit of a pain skipping through the common route n stuff bc it was long as he'll and the way the game is set up doesnt make it convenient to go through all the routes the First time. but once you finish the game then i think itd def be an enjoyable read many times over! there are also a few extras! like character bios, item info, the diff ending credits for each character, all of which were nice touches! the ui wasnt anything special really, and i wasnt a fan of the voice cutting when the next line was not a voice line. also omg. the gallery being a film reel.. ties into kaoru's ending i just realized LOL i see. i see. i highly recommend this game!


Playtime: 10.1 hrs

REVIEW STATUS: i'll add my thoughts on the characters one day

CW: Violence/Blood

got this game a bit after quarantine started (april 2020ish) since i was craving more homestuck content having finished the webcomic the previous.. summer i want to say. i got friendsim instead of hiveswap bc hiveswap is nvr gonna be finished lbr lol and i didnt need to have any hiveswap/pesterquest knowledge if i just got friendsim so here we are! each route was pretty short, taking about 20-30 mins each.


Game Status: Completed (it says i have 99% complete i feel like im just missing a random line idk what. prolly another ending D)
Play time: 6.5 hrs
CW: Sexual content, Blood, bodily harm, scat. :|, strangulation, death, mindbreak? sorta... rape sorta..?

i... keep starting new games before i finish others.. i just want to switch it up sometimes haha... this is by the same people who did no thank you!! which i adore... but also the same ppl who did euphoria were involved haha... i have an idea of what im in for ofc heh... some first impressions: some familiar backgrounds... idk they make me feel happy heh like hey! thats where all the nty characters are all happy and healthy! anyways, art is nice and the two characters are cute! the music sets the tone Incredibly well. like i had to Close the game bc i was feeling unsettled. but the happy music was equally as nice and set the mood well! the settings page was just as detailed, if not more than nty which idk boggles my mind like wow they really put in a ton of work in this. i also like how it has both progress and playtime in the game itself! i think this may be a tough read, esp comparing it to nty, which had an overall happyish vibe to it with some darkish elements to the plot. but room no.9... seems like overall would be darker... but we'll see! also the gallery page isnt clickable you finish at least one route.

first playthrough theres no different love interests in this game so i assume it's just different possible endings between the two characters. the game plays in the pov of daichi, the sweet, sunny hard working type of character who doesn't worry too much about the small stuff. the other character is seiji, a rich, handsome, calm, intelligent man. these two have been best friends since they were younger and consider each other their dearest friends. sad eye emoji

it starts with daichi waiting for seiji at the station. they meet up, get drinks and talk abt their failed love lives. the game introduces them nicely and their relationship with each other as best friends as well! daichi bought a trip to okinawa for his ex-gf and ended up going with seiji bc he also broke up w/ his ex. once they reach okinawa, they board the bus to their hotel... this is where the happy atmosphere dissipates. daichi wakes up in a hotel room that wasnt the one that he had reserved, seiji is also there with him but it definitely feels off. they look around the room and try to figure out what's going on, when they notice a tablet with information about the "study" they're participating in. they need 100 points to leave the study, or it ends if one of them dies. aha. there are 12 rooms in total, daichi and seiji being in well. room no. 9. they both realize its extremely fucked up.. in terms of the situation but neither of them panic and just try and work towards leaving in the easiest way possible, which is to accumulate the 100 points and end the study. i really like how their personalities work together and the fact that they're best friends make me so... wah... the first day's task is to either draw 600ml of blood from daichi, or make seiji nut. daichi's like. the blood one seems easier and i'm totally ok with it so we can do that. so they do it later that night. but in the time that they wait, they get meals which are apparently really delicious and they can still sort of maintain a normalcy in their lives minus not having internet, signal, or. well freedom lol. but being able to act normal in this situation takes the strain off both of them. they draw the blood fine and recieve their 10 points for the day, in addition to 3 for publicizing some info to the other participants. they spend one on getting tv, tho the tv channels sort of suck lol.

the next day starts and daichi's task is a lot harder than last time, making a 8mm deep cut thats 100mm long like. yikes. it takes a lot of mental strain on both of them, the person who's Doing and the person who's Receiving. daichi is ok with him taking the pain again bc he was beat by one of his mom's exes in the past but dam kinda sad.. seiji's like no. you just lost a ton of blood we're going to do my task. during the day idk. daichi thinks a lot about seiji like always praising him and complimenting him and stuff like bro are u sure ur straight like 100%? but also its really nice... like he really admires seiji and im sure seiji thinks the same way because they both have attributes that the other person doesnt. later that night daichi gives seiji a handy n they get their points. the cg was pretty cute idk daichi def thought he looked cute but also handsome HAHA no homo tho. also im a fan of no glasses seiji haha daichi feels a lot of emotions like guilt, blaming himself for being in that situation.. maybe that was day 1 but still, he also feels weird about the whole handjob thing bc thats his best friend. and neither of them have feelings for each other that we know of and they're not into dudes. definitely weird i cant imagine doing that sht to my best friend... so this def causes some mental strain on them rather than physical. but.... daichi also kinda had fun doing it lol

day 3, with 22 points. they get their new tasks, daichi's remains the same since they didn't complete it, but seiji's is now to have him ejaculate through oral. and he has to wear a bunch of apparatuses. daichi volunteers again but seiji is fine with doing his task. which they do at night. seiji is handcuffed with his arms behind his back, blindfolded, has nip clamps and a vibrator in his ass And daichi has to suck him off. they do it successfully and daichi still feels weird like... "wait a minute why did i think he looked sexy thats.. weird.."

day 4, 32 points. daichi tries to think of a way to escape but it's pretty hopeless, seiji also couldnt think of a way out so they were stuck with continuing to do tasks. they did have a little glimmer of hope though! room no.6 had 90 points the day before and today they were gone, which means that it was possible to leave! (unless the researchers or whatever were just lying and fucking with them but. lets stay positive). their new task was seiji had to make daichi cum orally. and seiji had to wear the same get up, except with a ring gag instead of a blindfold. daichi, again, offers to do his but seiji just says "tonight", like the previous night insinuating that they're just gonna do his. i do wish we got like a seiji pov to see what his thoughts are but alas. daichi is 100% ok with them doing his task if they keep escalating like this. "hurt me all you want." which i thought was interesting.. later in the day daichi does some squats idk its cute.. serotonin come thru!! and each day has like a nice interaction between the two which honestly makes thsi game really nice.. its not as like dark and serious and scary as i thought i would be! then they do yoga together which. was epic... so cute that they're still friends and can talk normally... but then night comes and they gotta do what they gotta do.. they put on all the apparatuses and daichi sorta.. starts... you can either concentrate or move faster. i wasnt sure how much the um sex options affected the total ending but hey we gotta get 100% completion anyways lol

if you concentrate then.. you dont rlly face fuck you do it normally idk his moans r rlyl cute.. lawl anyways daichi feels insanely conflicted while and after doing all this bc theyre best friends its weird as hell like why are they making them do this. tho he eventually gets hard n they complete their task... more guilt comes in.. the fact that daichi got aroused looking at seiji in a position like that and that he basically used his friends mouth to get off.. he cries afterwards due to the frustration.

day 5, 42 points. ok... halfway through the experiment. they're starting to lose track of the days, the delicious food isnt as alluring as it used to be. the new task is to get seiji to nut w/o touching his dick. seiji's like "tonight" but this time daichis like. hey listen i think we should do mine.. its not fair that you're shouldering all this and i feel bad doing all that to you but seiji just replies with.. its not like being the one to do it doesnt suck either. either way they both get hurt so they might as well do the ones that dont leave visible scars, the one thats least damaging over all. so seiji just. Really doesnt want to hurt daichi... wah.. you get a choice to back off or not.

if you dont back off, then you sorta convince seiji that it's really fine, that you can live a full life with one arm just fine. daichi also mentions how the tasks keep getting worse so if it came down to it, doing two of his physical tasks would be harder on him, so they should do his now while seiji's task didnt seem Too bad. seijis like guess i cant convince you otherwise anyways huh. daichi finds seiji so kind.. that he would put himself through the humiliating sexual acts and would rather not hurt daichi. he's like wow i would marry him i want to stay with him for the rest of my life hes so handsome... so they get ready to do the incision... god reading it was so nerve wracking idk like im not good with pain.. and cuts and stuff.. like just imagining that pain.. bleh you can turn off grotesque imagery tho! it'll turn the screen black instead of showing the cuts n stuff happening... the fact that theres also a scat option is also Very concerning i do Not want to see that. ok anyways they cut into daichi's arm and have to insert a plastic plate into the wound to prove that it's the right dimensions.. ow they successfully complete it and the music that plays afterwards is so soft and sweet... im dying scoob... seiji cleans and dresses daichi's wound with a lot of care... they care abt each other so much T^T daichi's like. im ok with dying if that means seiji can get out.. its my fault he's here in the first place...but also only as a last resort bc if he died that would still be hard on seiji anyways. the goal was to get out in good health and be the same people as they were before!

day 6, 52 points. thanks to their unspoken agreement, it was seiji's turn this time. n theyre like.. how do we do this... daichi tries to think of things bc he dated an s&m girl before lol. daichi's next task was to hammer a nail through a part of his hand that was at least 2cm thick... just thinking abt it hurts yowie. seiji was like. Absolutely Not. but daichi's ok with it. they then get to the sex.. sorta daichi doesnt want to consider it sex or that h;es pleasuring seiji... its like a medical exam. though sometimes he def thought seiji was really hot and was feelin it.. but its just an exam aha. so daichi uses a vibe on seiji and then rubs his nippies. seiji's voice is also... p hot ngl its nice... score. smirk ok anyways!!! they successfully finish the task but.. daichi gets a boner n is like. sht i guess im changing too..

day 7, 62 points. theyre chillin, eating breakfast n being like... what kinda building is this? doesnt really matter lets look at the tasks. and the new one is.. to nut while simultaneously stimulating their genitals.. seems rlly easy o_o so they went with that one.. but it was also like. wait why do we think its easy.. somethings changed in us.. but no matter it was obvious that it wouldnt be as bad as the fkn hammer one so eh heh. and theyre more mutually strained in a way with the masturbating one. they get a treadmill in their room with some points so they can exercise a bit heh. when daichi takes his shower, he thinks about if they were really the same ppl as when they first got there.. but it didnt really matter as long as he n seiji were friends now n forever!! its so sweet T_T i dont want to mess up this friendship no matter what... evn if they were changing as long as they can get out with the least amt of suffering then thats good. so they contemplate.. How they're gonna approach it and decide on sitting next to each other and not.. facing each other LOL which i mean. fair enough. the facial expressions in the cg were rlly fun idk heh not evn like the horny ones or anything but like. when daichi's like e_e its so fun idk. (image cropped to be sfw) but daichi kept overthinking and his dick was dead. so they change to a standing position where they were facing each other.. real close.. smork u both get real horny and daichis like aww man this is good i wanna have sex w seiji.. i wanna kiss him and touch him... daichi was distracted but seiji was like. focus. we get a choice: but... or ...okay.

i chose ...okay for my first playthrough. daichi was like man i want to do more.. he's really feeling it which makes me feel it. but nows not the time.. theres no reason for them to do that so he refrains and concentrates on doing the task, which they do bc they nut. it was like... even if they wanted to stay friends.. did they have the means to do that after all the stuff theyve done together?

day 8, 71 points. the new tasks have appeared, this time there two new tasks. still the hammer one, seiji has to cum while having anal sex with daichi and wear womens lingerie, OR, daichi has to nut while having anal sex with seiji while strangling him. Personally i Do think there is One that is easier than the others. but that may just be me. but daichi suggests doing his today, you know same reasoning as last time, he's healed up and unsure what his next possible task is and how bad it could be, not wanting to risk having to do two of daichi's in a row. after this day then they only have 2 tasks left anyways. seiji softly agrees... bro his voice. seiji's so nice T_T he wants to steralize all the equipment just to be safe and he really isnt used to having to hurt daichi... he doesnt want to treat him with any less care when he has to do these things so. well they do it. daichi is like it wasnt evn that bad ngl if i had to do it again for seiji i would. bc he didnt want to have sex w seiji... but he did which was rlly concerning to him. after washing his hands, idk it was nice. daichi was describing sensations like how his hand hurt a bit when he prepared coffee and the smell of coffee made the room smell human.. how there was proof he was living

day 9, 81 points. the two sex related tasks were the same... but seiji had to amputate one of daichi's fingers for his task. it weighed so heavily on my heart as i read that what the fuck. again daichi's like idrc if i have to lose a finger if that means me n seiji can leave but seiji wouldnt agree to that for sure. already doing what he did was hard enough and cutting off ur best friends finger idk how anyone could live with that.. you'd constantly be reminded of it.. so they completely crossed that option out. daichi didn't like the crossdressing one bc he still had to penetrate seiji and debase him.. and doing it in women's clothes seemed to be degrading and he was unsure if seiji could even cum from anal, if he couldnt then the whole thing gets thrown out and done for nothing right. but with the choking one, seiji's hands had to be bound and daichi has to choke him the whole time. could daichi evn cum from that? seiji chooses the choking one. btwn embarrassing n painful, he chose painful... but daichis arm was injured and he didnt think he could evn do it.. hurting seiji and getting off on it ? nah.. so its the crossdressing one in the end. they talk abt the past and how seiji pushed daichi to go to high school and helped him out a ton.. its a really sweet moment T_T wanting to remember how they were before this whole thing.. and daichi thanks seiji from the bottom of his heart QAQ.. he was the reason he was on the path that he was now, going to uni and abt to become a teacher... daichi will always trust seiji... and then its seijis turn... then we learn daichi had an alcoholic fuckup of a dad verbatum, bc he was able to make friends really easily as a survival tactic, but seiji really admired that. also the fact that he was bright, tough, positive and never resented people.. it was a nice moment btwn them..
night comes and they shower, seiji putting on the lingerie and well. daichi said it best it looked good on him.. theyre getting ready i guess and daichi gets a little aroused which pisses him off like wtf this is my best friend why are they making us do this to each other its so fked up seijis such a good dude but theyre making him go through all this hes the most cherished person in my life i hate that i have to do this but also why am i getting turned on?? theres a lot of mental back and forth for daichi during this... then we're presented with a choice: apologize or nvm.

if you choose to disregard it, then daichis like. no we can still be friends after.. itll be fine. they were in the same situation so crying wouldnt have helped they just have to not let it affect them too bad. and they do it.. they both get rlly into it lol but at the end daichi still feels incredibly guilty. even afterwards he recalls facts abt seiji, his best friend... and feels bad for what he's done

day 10, 91 points. the choking task disappeared and was replaced with daichi having to give seiji an enema... ah... this is where the scat comes in huh... seijis like aha.... if thats it and we can get out then i'll do it. even if we didnt cut of your finger we would still have all these shtty memories anyways, its better to just do the enema than have you lose a finger... night comes and they do the enema. i turned off the shit visuals bc i did not want to exp that sorry. but it was rough.. seemed So dehumanizing to have ur friend watch as that happened... awful. daichi leaves for a while while seiji cleans up.. but the shower takes a really long time which concerns daichi, so he heads in. seijis sitting in a ball shape u know and has cold water running on him to calm his erection that he got earlier.. he was just embarrassed bt daichi was like ur gonna catch a cold.. and gets in the shower with him.. and running hot water. he assumes that there was some sort of horny drug in the jelly they had to use for the enema so they do it. it was kinda nice idk.. bc there was a little love in there maybe... they werent forced to do it, they both really liked it, and they evn kissed. like a lot.. mwah! but afterwards... post nut clarity.. ah we really did that.. n they cry it out.. afterwards they check the points... 101 points!! which concludes the study!! they go to sleep and wake up in another hotel room. scary at first but it seems like its just a regular hotel room after all! theyre free :') neither of them felt. happy perse.. maybe relieved but also like. they just accepted it. you get another choice: go home or call the police

if you go home, then.. you go home :) you guys pack up, recieve your compensation and head home to enjoy your lives, since.. there wasnt really that much they could do... idk how well the police would have done their jobs tbh. so you get on the train.. and go home... holding on to each other/gentle touching to remind each other that they were there. that this was real.. and even if they cant forget what happened, they can pretend and live their best lives, knowing that they were amazing friends till the end im crying ITS SO SWEET!!! i cant believe i got the good end on my own.. first play through.. maybe i am a god smirk so the credits roll and we get another scene.. seiji gets off the train and daichi asks "see you later?" in which seiji replies.. "yea.. see you later" :) MY HEART FEELS SO WARM AND FUZZYYY IM SO GLAD I GOT THIS ENDINGGGGG. according to the movie replay, this was ending F from A-F.

if you choose to go to the police, then seiji doesnt want to go with you since there was like no evidence... nothing they could really do. the game gives you another chance, to go home together or to go to the police alone. if you go home together then its the same ending as before :')

if you go to the police, they dont believe you. the only person who can back you up is seiji but then you'd have to explain all the things that happened to him.. and he wanted to protect seiji.. so he goes home. seiji goes on another trip alone for a while and didnt contact daichi. daichi felt that he lost his best friend... there was a hole in his heart and he had lost all passion. he got a job but he wasnt happy in life. he never mentioned seiji to anyone.. one day he saw seiji at the station but by the time he could catch up or call out to him, seiji was already gone.. and they never saw each other again.. end E.

playthrough 2
ok so common route is the same ofc till the first option, which was just asking keeping seijis glasses on while u jerk him off LOL so not important rlly, um the next one after that was whether you concentrate or move quickly when you facefuck.. um not sure if this had major effect on the game bc maybe. daichi becomes like a complete sadist or something idk!

day 6 comes. they do the masturbating one bc its the easier option. this scares me lol.. what happens when they run out.. of "easy" ones.. aha... then we get the "but..." and "..okay" options this time i went with "but..." and aha... omg.. seiji pushes daichi onto the bed n starts rubbing his dick n making out with him o//o was not expecting that maybe i shoulda done this the first time arnd.. smirk ok anyways!! it was nice but then afterwards daichi feels sick. and throws up.. his feelings were also in conflict once again

day 7, 62 points. this time we have the incision, crossdressing, and choking. however, this time, daichi's arm isnt injured from the hammer or the cut.. but this time seiji's like. whatever is easier for you. so im going with choking LMFAO it was rough.. bruh daichi was so worried that he could have killed seiji fk and then he pukes on the floor this route seems so sad.. daichi rlly felt so much guilt from that... just four more days..

day 8, 72 points. this time the choices are: incision, or seiji has to wear certain apparatuses till he passes out. they go with the cut this time bc daichi felt bad that seiji was taking the brunt of it all. there was no nice scene tho. it just happened. their friendship is starting to crumble...

day 9, 82 points. nail through the hand or enema. they go with the enema bc daichi Just got hurt. daichi feels bad and felt like he should have done it earlier. enema happens, its the same but afterwards daichi talks to seiji through the door instead of coming inside

after that they get out.. because 10 days had passed? the points are off im not sure.. aha. but after they got out seiji started distancing himself from daichi. they went from best to former friends... kinda sad... the wound on daichi's arm had healed but the one on his heart didnt...

playthrough 3
branching off from playthrough 2, day 7, i went with crossdressing this time. but i also chose to apologize instead of brushing it off. daichi apologizes and starts crying. they have a cute little moment :( crying in the club it was super cute. next day, we get incision or enema. they do the incision and enema the same way and its the same distanced ending... they were no longer friends sigh. this and the previous ending were ending D.

playthrough 4
branching off from playthrough 1, day 8, i chose to apologize instead of brushing it off. daichi apologizes and starts crying. they have a cute little moment :( crying in the club it was super cute. next day, we get incision or enema. they do the incision and enema the same way and its the same distanced ending... they were no longer friends sigh. this was also D maybe im not as much of a god as i thought LMFAOO okok its prolly bc im not. playing again and my saves are getting messed up bc im just playing from save files. lets try again.

playthrough 5
ok. everything at the start didnt really have an impact but i think this one Actually did like i thought. instead of concentrating and being nice to seiji i just face fked him no remorse. came in his mouth. if you move faster then u kinda. objectify seiji a lot like. this perfect man is on his knees sucking My dick.. oh yea.. smirk. everything else is abt the same. here, we dont evn get the option to debate whether or not daichi gets the cut. we dont get the cutting scene and it skips straight to the dont touch his dick scene. after that, we get the choking or babydoll sex, i went w choking this time lawl then we Finally get a new choice. get the incision, or use the toys on seiji untill he passes out. quick incision, enema, distance. lets try the toys one. daichi didnt want seiji to get used to cutting people and hurting them. if he came out gay or with new fetishes it was no big deal to him. they drank a little until it was night. and we get a pretty kinky scene... aha... bdsm vibes.. so u do that till he passes out and pisses. daichi got a boner from it.. aha.. like i said. sadist incoming

day 9, 82 points. enema or incision. daichi doesnt feel anything from hurting seiji anymore... uh oh. but he had been completely unharmed since the blood drawing at the beginning... daichi isnt sure if its bc of the experiment or if it was bc he was always a shit person. he didnt want seiji to become an abuser, if daichi became one then he can blame it on the cycle of abuse, but not seiji. only one of them had to be a pos... so daichi asks if seiji can endure 2 more. to which seiji agrees. they do the enema again. but this time daichi doesnt.. really feel anything.. and he does it less carefully and properly. after the enema happens, daichi mulls abt his past a little. and tries to sleep but he couldnt. so he goes into the bathroom to check on seiji since a long time had passed. but this time instead of nice loving sex seiji gets a footjob. ah. and then they have sex like physically. they were rlly goin at it like they came so many times but like the way daichi was so aggressive it was ah... his thought process... not fun to read. and eventually seiji just seems to give up. he never really resisted which is also why daichi was just having his way with him :( no regret or guilt from daichi's end anymore

day 10, 92 points. daichi has to peirce seijis nipples. also i think the glasses options at the Beginning affect the later scenes. bc they wont ask you again it just has them on or not depending. which is cool :D taking into acct ur preferences. anyways, daichi pierces seijis nips successfully and they got their 100 points. the scene was like lowkey horny but nothing happens. they wake up in daichis apartment and do it in the bathroom it was pretty hot ngl. they move on w their lives, daichi becomes a teacher. turns out seiji's like a total cumslut now.. totally addicted to sex i mean. 10 days of sexual sht with his best friend... yea. so it cuts to him getting what is it? eiffel towered? spit roasted? by two old dudes in a park. i thought daichi would become a total sadist which. he did bc hes WATCHING THEMMM but wow seiji being like this. idk y i didnt expect this. prolly bc he seems so cool and collected.. his mind would nvr. but also. daichis like looking for dudes to do seiji. for his own pleasure i guess. after the old dudes leave then daichi has seiji suck his dick. its not really forced i think seiji also likes doing it. bc all they do is fuck after the bj they do it in the park. DAICHI PEES IN HIM IM GOING TO. THIS IS TOO MUCH. their friendship is completely ruined. their relationship they had with each other was gone. they were just using each other for their bodies at this point... there were no feelings. nothing. sigh. so this was end A. i've been struggling man.

playthrough 6
ok we can do this. ending B/C lets go. im turning on easy mode bc i keep getting ending D idk what im doing wrong LOL it was the COMBINATION of moving fast/concentrate and pull out/dont pull out :| i feel like a dum dum ok so concentrate + dont pull out = end B/C,... sigh as well as saying But... at the next option. i literally just forgotten what Combination of options i had chosen which lead me to repeat the same endings which was frustrating. bc i saw that the text was blue so like ? hello ive read this but wasnt sure how to get to the route where i had missing options sigh. i should have been more careful with my saves. anyways when you have babydoll sex u gotta apologize after this i turned easy mode off. thank u game for evn Having that implementation.

FINALLY. new options God that took way too long... my brain is just not big enough for this. ok so it's incision vs. daichi has to shave seiji and seiji has to masturbate and cum. daichi offers to do his but seiji is firm.. he's ok evn tho daichi is worried abt him aw. night comes and the stuff arrives. seiji also has to masturbate w toys on and daichi has to watch. so they do that. while seiji is jerkin it daichi gets hella hard lol but doesnt do anything abt it.

day 9, 82 points. enema or incision. how many times have i seen this im tired. enema time. they both feel.. mostly resignation i guess. theyre doing this bc they have to. but seiji was like rlly aroused this time like he got hard the other times. but it was more prominent in this route. daichi was also thinking about how they had sex it nvr left his mind lol. daichi gets into bed and it cuts to a seiji pov omg. so he's cleaning up and thinking abt how nothing can rlly bother him anymore he already did All this and evn cleaning his own sht was fine. he was unfazed. but he was hard n rlly wanted to get pounded otherwise lol. enema fluid was prolly laced with something as established in the other routes. so seiji grabs the butt plug and uses that to jerk off.. but its not wnough aha so he uses his fingers instead.. lots of lustful thoughts in his mind. cut back to daichi, he goes on his phone for a bit when seiji comes out of the bathroom butt naked, gets on top of daichi and tells him to fuck him. aha o//o so they do but its mindless. heartless i guess. just doing it for physical pleasure :(. seijis crying during it p sure. then we get an option. take his hands or lay there.

if you take his hands, then after you're done seiji tries to choke daichi. but daichis ok with it bc that meant that seiji could leave. he was always prepared for this. but seiji couldnt do it. hes not that kind of person.. so he gets off and cries. but daichi is there.. hes holding him and hes there... thinking about how seiji was there for him when his parents abandoned him. its nice. the next morning, theyre still naked. didnt evn check the tasks, daichi just crept up behind seiji and started touching him. they have sex it was nice. they fall asleep, eat, and have sex again LMAO

day 1? they basically abandoned the idea of getting out evn tho they were like 1 task away and all they do is have sex in their lil room cut to them. well i think u can guess. having sex. lol. at the end daichi's like. i still believe we can get out, together some day. but for now i just want to stay like this... honestly this one wasnt too tragic of an ending. better than ending A lol thats for sure. this is end C.

if you just lay there, then its abt the same, seiji still chokes you but this time seiji cries and daichi cries.. bc he broke seiji. that wasnt the seiji he knew before and it was his fault. so to help both of them.. to end seiji's suffering.. daichi chokes him. and finishes the job... it was hard bc they were both crying... god... ok so daichi ends up back home but at what cost. he lost his best friend.. i thought he was gonna kill himself and let seiji get out but i guess not... daichi lives with the memories of what happened. of his best friend. of him killing his own best friend with his own hands... and cries it out. ending B. this one really hurt ngl...

overall p interesting game!! pretty short but i dont mind, the options were a lot harder to figure out (see: me trying to get B/C) compared to other games i've played since some of the options arent so obvious? and the order you pick them in lol esp since they were during sex scenes i was like oh. this wont affect the game other than this one sex scene right haha. WRONG!! prolly coulda finished faster if i didnt repeat end D so many times. i was expecting a bit more um to be done to daichi i think. i was like ok theres gotta be an end where he dies or gets his finger cut off or something but there was no such thing. not that i minded, like i mentioned before, not a fan of reading abt like. idk body harm i guess. and it was a lot more tame than (the pics ive seen of) euphoria which. phew im glad. not as dark as i originally suspected. didnt have an uneasy feeling throughout the whole game or anything. idk if that says something abt my character aha. guess i am just vanilla and thats ok this has taught me that i like loving, mutual sex where everyone involved is into it. anyways, i did expect it to be slightly more psychological. there were aspects of it but the main thing that comes to mind is the enema scene its engraved in my mind. yea we never get closure on who the ones conducting the study were or if anything happens to them but in end F who gives a fk lets just forget and move on! which is the most natural way to end things i think like these are just normal dudes and that organization or whatever seemed to be like insanely good at doing what they were doing. life isnt like a movie.

speaking of endings, in order i'd say i liked F, C, D/E, B, then A. F was the best end, they got out safely and their friendship wasnt ruined! super sweet, very happy. C was nice bc they were together also they had a lot of sex but it was kinda loving at least. they wanted each other.. aha.. then D/E were p emo.. they get out but things between them can never be the same... B was SO SAD. seiji didnt deserve that.. but also idk ends with death impact me a lot esp when it comes to friends or ppl with strong bonds with each other... and then A wasnt my thing lol. sadist daichi n masochist seiji.. at least.. they got out.. i guess.. after reading seiji's staff comment he was like "which route is truly the happiest :) think abt it" but... well i still think its F. thats my reality.

music was good at setting the mood, though nothing was all that memorable. voice acting was great ! the crying, moaning, talking was all well done! seiji's moaning... aha.. nice... daichis was also good but only sometimes. sometimes it was bad but maybe its bc the sex was bad I.E. ENDING A LMFAO. also when you listen to the staff comments. seijis voice was like COMPLETELY DIFF OMG and seijis va has a high voice but seiji had a lower one?? absolute legend. art and character design were really nice no complaints there really. there were like 2000 cgs for a 6 hour game im so impressed. ui was also well done!

i guess all in all production was really good, though lacked a bit in the plot department. character development also wasnt bad, considering this was more abt the characters and how they handle and change throughout the situation. i did enjoy reading it! and wanted to see where they went with it, def interesting and pulls you in :) would i recommend it? mm yea i guess so :0 its not super deep or anything, doesnt really make you think but it has some good sex scenes lawl. and idk the idea itself is quite interesting, nothing that hasnt been done before. maybe if the stakes were higher, then it would have been more intense. like yea being stuck in a room for the rest of your life with possibly losing food privileges sucks ass but idk it didnt bother seiji and daichi when they were just having sex Everywhere LMFAO. okok yea horny game. i liked their friendship a lot sigh. this wasnt a bad read for sure and it didnt take long so yea try it for urself :3


VNs I'm planning to read at some point

i've been so busy with school also i got back into drawing lately i havent been reading i miss it sigh. hopefully when spring rolls by i'll be reading and fixing up these reviews LOL i think its also a pain to format because I write all my reviews and paragraphs and shii in vscode... its all one file this is so messy LOL the amt of br statements makes me cry/

Togainu no Chi, Slow Damage, Danganronpa 1-3, Finish Ace Attorney (is this a vn? idk), Hatoful Boyfriend, you and me and her, saya no uta

Waiting for Eng Translation to be released

Luckydog1, Galtia

VNs/Otomes i've read... idk if i'll do full reviews bc its been Years

tokimeki memorial 1,2,3 (though idk if i played All the routes.. ik i played some), i think i played the dandelion demo..., star project was so fun!! had cute art but it shut down sigh, Locked Heart, my horse prince... aha, shall we date: ninja love... i feel so embarrassed also DDLC!! totally forgot abt this one. im sure theres other indie ones ive read out there...